I do a blueberry morning energy smoothie that I use
green tea in place of coconut water. It’s blueberries and banana. I do frozen
bananas with

Guilty Pleasure:
I’m a banana pudding freak of nature, especially
the one from
Sugar Sweet Sunshine.

Plenty is my
go-to. That’s just how I want to eat every day.

Istanbul. Every
time I do, I discover a new treasure. I love to go to the Bazaar and buy tons
of nuts and spices. The food is incredible.

Mexican. It’s
comfort, its happy, it’s fresh and I’m a tequila fanatic. It’s so easy to do
vegetarian because the best flavors are the avocado, the salsa and the spice.
If I had to live on one cuisine for the rest of my life, especially as a
vegetarian, Mexican would definitely be it.

Pantry Must-Haves:
A Nutribullet, a
wooden cutting board, and a good knife.

Beauty Must-Have:
Dr. Bronner’s Organic
Fair-Trade Coconut Oil
I use it to take my makeup off, as a hair mask, and to
cook with it. I use it as a face wash because it’s anti-bacterial and
moisturizing. For the hair mask, I melt it, comb it through, put a shower cap
on and sleep with it. Some overnight treatments have too much keratin or
protein they ruin your hair, but this just slicks it.


RMS Beautys illuminizer and Kjaer Weis’ blush and eyeshadow. Spirit Beauty Lounge  has great all natural beauty organic lines. 

I love a good
sweat lodge. I go to
King Spa in Palisades Park for body scrubs. It’s hands
down the best thing I’ve ever been to in my life. They pick you up on 32nd
street and the food is delicious. I do that regularly.

I don’t do
facials, I’d rather make my own masks. I have my own recipe of mashed banana,
almond meal and Greek yoghurt. It’s great because it adds magnesium to your
skin. I use a little flax seed oil so it’s moisturizing.

Old-Wives Trick:
Whenever I feel
under the weather, I put a capful of hydrogen peroxide in my ear until it
foams. It means that it’s killing bacteria. Then I drain it and do the other
side. The next day you’re not sick at all. It’s the craziest thing ever.

Ilili and Mole. I obviously eat at Mario’s restaurants–Esca, Babbo, Spotted
–a lot.

Otte, Henry
Cuir, Oscar de la Renta and Phillip Lim.

The Shape House in LA is amazing. They stole an old wrestling technique for weight loss where
they put you in a sweat suit, wrap you in plastic and stick you in a infrared
heated sleeping bag that heats up and you lay there and sweat for an hour. It’s
basically an urban sweat lodge. They let you watch Hulu and Netflix. I was
there watching House of Cards sweating, drinking water and orange juice to
hydrate. The last 10 minutes you think you’re gonna die.