Tracie Martyn. I get the
Red Carpet facial before functions. She is a guru with health. She and her
partner make all their own products and test them out on each other.”

The Smile for lunch,
they do a great salmon. Jack’s Wife Freda for breakfast. They have an amazing
yogurt with granola and grapefruit that is so good.

Live Live for shampoo
and Celtic Sea Salt. I love all their products because they smell good and they
are all natural. You look at the back of their honey mask and it’s just honey.

Juice Bar:
Juice Press. They have
this angel hair pasta with alternative noodles that’s so good. I love the Dr.
Green juice and Lucky 7. I’ve also been trying aloe water, which at first I
thought was a joke but when you’re on the go, it’s actually really good and
since I started drinking it, my skin is so much better.

Gym/Yoga Studio:
Blink Gym and Yoga

The Turkish bathhouse in
the Financial District. I love the steam room and the infrared sauna. That
natural sweat especially from the red light is healing.

The Joy of Cooking, Good Tempered Food by Tamasin Day-Lewis,
Raw: The Uncook Book. Secret Food Cures is amazing. My mother picked it up for
me. It has every remedy from mosquito bites to acne scars. The avocado mask is
amazing. They have a ton of beauty remedies that are really good.

Kitchen Must-Haves:
I’m half British, so I
can’t live without my masher.

Black booties from Rag
and Bone. Every New York City girl has to have them, they’re so comfortable and
easy to DJ in.

Aurora Lopez, Caroline
Barbieri and Jade Jagger.

Gucci does amazing little black halter dresses. I love the new
modern shape that’s coming out. It’s not forming to the body but it’s a nice
length because I’m tall so it’s not too short. As I get older my style has
become more conservative.

Nike Frees and Asics. I
just got these ones in bright colors but I have the black on black for when I
want to look normal.