Angelica Kitchen, Hummus Place, Souen and
Pylos for a big night out

Going to visit John of God in Brazil. It’s the
biggest vacation you could ever take. A vacation from your mind.

Getting massages from my friend Laura Lee
; going to Frank Lipman for acupuncture. It
just clears the energy meridians and gives your body the freedom to restore
itself naturally. I love Dr. Lipman’s 
Daily Dose Supplements.

Yoga Studio:
Golden Bridge Yoga

Juice Bar:
Gingersnaps Organic. I love the Kick and the raw donuts.

Hair Salon:
Frederic Fekkai. I go to Marshall for my cut
and Jaime for my color. I live by the 
Frederic Fekkai Coiff Defense Protecting Spray .

Otte and Reformation.

Isabel Marant, Victoria Keen, Acne and Bi

Beauty Secrets:
Epsom Salts , I have all kinds of bath salts; Coconut oil  for taking off eye makeup; a
Body Brush and  RMS Beauty’s Lip Shine in Sacred. Also Dr. Haushka’s Rose Day Cream  is crack.

Kriss Carr’s Crazy Sexy Kitchen and Nick Ortner’s The Tapping Solution, which is an emotional freedom technique, which you tap on certain meridians on your body that trigger the amygdule to relax. I’ve been tapping for myself like crazy. You start with your MPI, your most pressing issue. It can be at a 10, ten being the worst, after tapping for 5 minutes, it’ll come down to a 2.

 Coconut Green Tea from the T Salon