Favorite “healthy” Restaurant:
Pure Food and Wine. I love the S+M salad, and not just because of the name. I love Quintessence’s tofu (a raw nut-based tofu), which ‘rawks’ my world.

Favorite Spa:
The 10th Street Shvitz, especially on all-girls day.  There is nothing quite like hot yoga, full bush.

Favorite Gym or Yoga Studio:
My house.  Due to time constraints I do the jailhouse work out which involves using furniture and household appliances for weight resistance and cardio.

Favorite Juice Bar:
Now that they are going organic, Liquiteria all the way.  Hi Ross and Mark 🙂

Any natural beauty or green fashion products you love?
In a word (or two) – Dr. Bronners

Hair Salon:
Le Salon (all organic)

Nail Salon:
I tote my own non-toxic nail polish, so any dragon lady salon will suffice.

Favorite Boutique
It’s been a long time since I’ve purchased clothing, shoes accessories or toiletries. “Borrowing” these things from others saves time and money.  I’m also a big proponent of reduce reuse recycle, so I am not a big consumer of “things.”

Favorite Escape:
Boytown, like any SWF [single white female] I haven’t located it yet, but I’m sure it exists because I saw it in a Duran Duran video.