YOU HAVE MOST LIKELY SEEN ARIELLE FIERMAN‘S heart shaped iloveME rings on the fingers of some of the most notable wellness warriors–from Gabrielle Bernstein to Latham Thomas. Or you may have spotted her face on advertisements for The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, but what you may not know is that Ms. Fierman is a Board Certified Health Coach and an expert on detoxifying recipes as well as promoting wellness as a lifestyle. She hosts cleanses, nutrition lectures, cooking classes and dinner parties to showcase her creative recipes and easy to follow tips. Read on to find out what Ms. Fierman does to elevate her mood, nourish her body and balance her mind.

What was the defining moment when you knew you wanted to devote your work to wellness and nutrition?
When I was six, I would ask my dad to tape Jane Fonda exercise videos so my interest in wellness has always been in my blood! After college, it really hit me- I was tired of reading health magazine and article after article– I knew it was time to go to nutrition school and really focus on it. So I did!

What is the most common health issue or complaint you see among your clients in the 20s/30s set?
I hear a lot of “I just want to know what to eat” or “I’m eating so healthy and I exercise a lot but I have no energy- what do I do?” I also find a lot of women looking to lose weight but they don’t know how to do it in a healthy way.  

What is your personal fitness regimen?
My fave type of fitness is yoga. I try to go two to three times per week. It’s the perfect way to cleanse my mind, stretch my muscles and energize my body. I love to walk around the city too. I recently have fallen in love with Flybarre – it’s a treat and a great workout!

Give us a day in life of Arielle?
Wake up, take a probioticAnswer some emails. Breakfast meeting. Go to yoga. Send out jewelry orders. Write a blog post. Make lunch. Write a lecture. Cook dinner for me and my fiancé or 10 of our friends (I love to entertain!) or attend an event. Make tea with lemon. Shower. Zzzzzzz.

What indulgence are you not willing to give up?
Organic Ice Cream. Yum!

You’re getting married soon. Are you incorporating any wellness tricks into our wedding?
For sure! At this point, I’m still looking for a cool venue, but I plan to:

  • Make a vision board to help me create a vision- from dress, to flowers, to energy in the room.
  • Print my invites on recyclable paper (maybe even the ones that is embedded with seeds so my guests can plant something beautiful)
  • Do a private yoga session the morning of my wedding day
  • Incorporate burlap into the décor somehow!
  • Work with the caterer to have some of my healthy, seasonal recipes featured
  • Organic ice cream – a must!
  • Breathe…and be nice to my mother and fiancé (and me) throughout the ENTIRE process!

What are your top 3 kitchen essentials?
1. Toaster oven and broiler. I don’t use my microwave. I turned it into my spice rack, so heating and toasting and broiling for melting purposes is a must!

2. My lemon and avocado holder/saver. I use a lot of lemons and avocado daily, so I always have halves and they always go bad, so my holders have saved me money and from getting grossed out.

3. A great knife. Bought mine at the Natural Gourmet Institute. A good knife makes chopping so much more fun…and your food perfectly diced. It honestly changed the way I cook.

What are you top three pantry ingredients?

  1. Organic Coconut Oil–  for sure. I bake muffins with it, I make scrambled eggs with it, I use it as an alternative to butter (on toast, on waffles) and I even put a dollop into my smoothies. Your body doesn’t metabolize it as fat, it uses it as energy so it’s super healthy. Also, it’s anti bacterial so I use it on my skin as night cream (best at-home beauty secret)!
  2. Chia Seeds aka nutrition sprinkles! They’re super high in fiber and protein and best of all, they don’t have any taste so you can just about sprinkle them on anything. I add them on top of sprouted grain toast with almond butter, in my oatmeal, onto salad, and even once on my organic ice-cream!
  3. Sea Salt. Good quality sea salt matches the mineral content of your blood and makes everything- from eggs, to salad dressing, to salmon taste just SO delish. Make sure you purchase good quality sea salt- grayish or pinkish in color and one that looks “wet”.
  4. Tamari aka wheat free soy sauce. Sprinkle it on top of quinoa or mix into your salad dressing – makes everything taste Asian-y. YUM.

What will you always find in your fridge?
Eggs from the farmer’s market, organic mozzarella string cheese, flax oil (I sprinkle some in my smoothies, on top of avocado toast or use in salad dressing), and kale.

What do you do to stay spiritually or mentally balanced?
Yoga, yoga, yoga. I also live by Gabrielle Bernstein’s monthly coaching sessions  and always wear my iloveME ring,  I never ever leave my apartment without it. It literally reminds me to take care of myself, to put good things into my body and to be sweet to myself. It also is Reiki energized so it gives me positive energy to stay mentally focused and heart balanced.


  1. Start small. Get a pretty water bottle, fill it up throughout the day and bring it with you everywhere. Drink, drink, drink up. Water helps flush fat out of your body and it will energize you throughout the day.
  2. Don’t eat anything you can’t pronounce – your body probably won’t recognize it and metabolize it.
  3. Don’t deprive yourself – especially food that you love!  Either eat a smaller amount or find a healthier alternative ( I have lots of delicious recipes on my blog!)
  4. Don’t eat things that you don’t think is tasty just because it’s “healthy”. And on the same note, don’t do a certain exercise just because you know you need to exercise. Find an exercise or activity that you love so it’s FUN and not such a burden. Find healthy foods that you DO like. Life is too short to eat crap and to eat things you don’t love.
  5. Be nice to yourself! Put food into your body that will love you back. And, of course, talk to yourself nicely. Negative chatter can actually wreck your skin, mind and body.