“This is a very popular salad that we often do as a special. It is a great go-to dressing as well.” -Jamie Graber, Gingersnap’s

Serves 5


3.5 ounces of organic fresh squeezed orange juice
2.5 ounces of organic fresh squeezed lemon juice
4 tablespoons of organic cold pressed olive oil
1 half teaspoon of fresh chopped  organic oregano 
a dash of salt


Organic Baby Arugula
Organic thinly shaved fennel
Organic thinly sliced  raw kalamata olives

Using a blender, blend all ingredients but the olive oil and oregano. Slowly stream in the olive oil, the slower you go the thicker it will be so not too slow. Then fold in chopped oregano. It may separate if it sits for a bit, just shake it up before using. It will also get coagulated when it sits in the fridge, that’s just the olive oil solidifying. Have it sit at room temperature then shake and it will be perfect!