Haru, Souen, and Barrio Chino, I like the margaritas there. For sushi I go to 
KanoyomaKyo Yaand Kajitsu, which is the only vegetarian spot with a Michelin star. When it was on 9th street, before it moved, my husband proposed to me there! Even my meat loving man loves it.

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Markets: Commodities for organic produce and groceries.

Gravity for my colonics and infrared

Prana Yoga in the winter. I go to Yoga Vida too, and when I’m in LA I love YogaWorks.

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I love coconut oil on my face and hair. I also use Simply Divine, it’s these
women out of Las Vegas that make natural based skin care. I use their face
cream, it’s amazing. I also use Bee Yummy from Live Live.

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Oil of Oregano is my favorite thing in the world. The pure one you can get at Live Live. It’s great for when you’re getting sick. I’m obsessed with it. I was getting super sick before getting on a 28 hour plane
ride from Bali and I took 3 drops of it every 3 hours. By the time we got to LA I
was completely fine. My husband said, “You’re the only one who gets sick and
cures it on the plane.” It’s magic.

Supplements: I think a refrigerated probiotic is great, and I like Udo’s 3,6,9 oil, but other then that I don’t really believe in supplements. If you eat well, and have enough nutrients throughout the day, you are good.

Favorite Snack: Popcorn, but I
do the air popper, it’s amazing. I sprinkle on Macadamia nut
, sea salt, and garlic powder. I also do a sweet version with coconut
oil and cinnamon.