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By Vanessa Packer

AT BONBERI, we try to avoid traditional over the counter medications and generic supplements in favor of preventative and natural remedies. Especially around the colder months, there are natural boosters we rely on to avoid the dreaded cold and flu season. Over countless years of testing, there are mainstays we stock up on and return to again and again to keep ourselves fit and healthy. It goes without saying, that one person’s pleasure is another’s poison, so please contact your health care professional, because everybody’s body is different. While some may have success with the items listed below, others may not. Mindfulness and listening to what your body needs should always come first, so please take that into consideration. We hope you find this list of our essentials and favorites as helpful as we have.

Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotics – There are a lot of probiotics on the market, but in our opinion these are the best hands down. These living, raw capsules contain multiple strains of probiotic bacteria, resulting in the most potent tablet form of probiotic we’ve found. Great for everyday use, we never travel without them.

Pure Raw Aloe Force – Phenomenal for digestions and keeping the intestine and bowel strong, we swing these every morning to start our day off right. We also notice benefits in our skin and hair from regular use.

Magnesium  – This versatile supplement is best used before bed to relax the mind and body for sleep. Magnesium also helps assist the bowels and ensure regularity. This high absorption chelated version is especially good.

Wellness Formula – The secret of jet-setting models and health gurus alike, these herbal boosters fight off cold and flu better then traditional remedies. A must if you tend to get run-down from extensive travel, and best taken at the first site of a cold.

Activated Charcoal – This pantry mainstay is a lifesaver for when you are plagued by food poisoning or you’ve eaten something that makes you sick. It attaches to whatever is ailing you and helps to move it out of your body.

AZO Cranberry – This one is for the ladies. Extremely handy and effective for UTI’s, these little tablets taken with water help to flush out symptoms and infection.

Tahitian Noni Juice – Recommended by some of our favorite ‘Fit Girls’ and favored by beauties like Miranda Kerr, this fruity drink enhances your skin and hair with vitamins and minerals that beautify from the inside out.

Liquid Chlorophyll – Mix a tablespoon of this potent liquid in a glass of water first thing in the morning for a powerful boost. A great supplement when you don’t have time to make a juice, or an additional green drink for your daily enjoyment.

Sun Chlorella  – We bring this on our travels always! When you can’t find a green juice or smoothie to start your day, Sun Chlorella is a fantastic supplement. Powerful and potent greens on the go.

Papaya Enzyme  – This gentle chewable enzyme can be taken anytime after meals to help break down food and ease digestion.

Essential Woman – Another one for the girls, this liquid capsules provides all a woman needs by way of a multivitamin for vibrant health.

Udo’s 3 6 9 Oil Blend – Many people like flax oil, or cod liver oil, we really love this vegan blend by Udo’s. Two tablespoons in the morning, or blended in a salad dressing, either way you’re ensured to get the ideal balance of Omega 3s and 6s for your body.

BioSil – This powerful little droplets condition your skin and hair while also lubricating and strengthening your joints.

Vitamin D Drops – Many people living in the Northern Hemisphere are Vitamin D deficient, especially those of us in the Northeast. Just a few drops a day gives you exactly what you need. Added benefits of Vitamin D include increased energy and a feeling of happiness.

Maca Powder – We love adding a tablespoon of Maca to our smoothies and juices. It gives you energy and helps you to focus. It can also be a powerful stamina boost for both men and women 😉

Sunwarrior Ormus Powder – Grown at high altitude in rich volcanic soil, this flavorful and potent probiotic green powder is great in smoothies and juices.