By Vanessa Packer

LIVING DOWNTOWN, we sometimes forget to journey to the city beyond twenty-third street and while downtown is concentrated with action, it can be refreshing to explore other neighborhoods. In this Upper East Side crawl, we return to some of our beloved favorites as well as some new spots that have sprouted up around the beautiful area that hugs the east side of Central Park–and in certain light, resembled Paris. We hope it inspires you to venture beyond your usual go-to’s and take in a park of Manhattan that we cherish.



Rouge Tomate  -This Michelin-starred, healthy and sustainable restaurant finds itself conveniently located across the street from Barney’s. The chefs worked with a culinary nutritionist when designing the menu in order to create an elevated contemporary cuisine experience. The result is beautifully crafted, delicious fare with an emphasis on being locally conscious and nutritious.

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Candle Cafe – Admittedly, I’ve been going here since I was a child. Their fresh juices, and incredible vegan dishes can satisfy even the most vocal carnivores. Just ask Anthony Bourdain who recently visited the restaurant with his wife and liked it so much he Instagramed his meal.

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Candle 79 – The fancier version of the cafe, Candle 79 is a grown up vegan’s paradise. The expansive farm to table menu and selection of sustainable alcoholic beverages make it easy to eat healthy when eating out.

Good Health – Lots of options at this healthy eatery. We love the soups, salads and assorted veggie entree selection.



Fivestory  – Our own Fit Girl Claire Distenfeld’s incredibly beautiful and well-curated store. If you like Colette in Paris, you’ll love Fivestory.

Vitahealth Apothecary – Popular for Iggy’s Green Juice, this apothecary carries all you need for delicious healthy living uptown. Next time you go, look out for our In The Kitchen girl, Arielle Fierman.

The Health Nuts – I’ve watched this once small health food store expand into one of the largest but most enjoyable health food stores to shop in. Stock up on natural essentials, or grab a juice at their fresh juice bar in the back.

Barney’s  – The mecca for shopping uptown. A one stop shop for beauty, clothing, accessories and more. We especially love having lunch at Fred’s upstairs before taking on the shopping floors below.



Juice Generation – Located in most Equinox gyms, Juice Generation has a great selection of Cooler Cleanse cold pressed juice, as well as delicious salads and healthy entrees. We love ordering off the menu and getting a fresh Super Duper Greens, a Smoothie or one of their Acai Bowls.

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Juice Press – We know, they’re everywhere! But the largest Juice Press happens to be on the Upper East Side. You can’t go wrong with any of their green juices or smoothies. And when you want something sweet they definitely have you covered with the wide variety of raw truffles, chia puddings and vegan raw cakes.

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Pure Yoga – This membership only yoga studio is more like a yoga compound. Mostly hot, there are enough classes to satisfy a newbie or an old time yogi. With phenomenal teachers, a zen setting and bathrooms with steam/sauna, they go above and beyond the average yoga experience in New York.

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Punch Fitness – Boxing with a purpose. Punch designs their program to build you up to a warrior both physically and mentally. Highly recommended by our Fit Girl Claire Distenfeld.

Erika Bloom Pilates – This unique pilates studio also offers acupuncture, holistic coaching, bodywork and yoga. It’s a one stop shop for those looking to tone their body with minimal impact.

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Pilates Challenge – This flexible and friendly studio offers various classes and private session to suit the busy persons scheduling needs.

SLT – Just on the border of what can be considered ‘uptown’, SLT on 57th Street can best be described as Pilates on speed. The intense resistance training is all done on a reformer combined with focused movements that help you strengthen lengthen and tone.

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Irani – In her signature rigorous massage and freezing treatment, the secret to smooth dimple-free legs can be found. If diet and exercise aren’t giving you the results you’ve been looking for, a few treatments with Irani will. Call for appointments: (201) 316-5118

The Peninsula Spa – Super luxurious this full service spa is perfect for a day of pampering. In the summer, catch some rays after your treatment on their outdoor sun deck.

Isabelle Bellis – Isabelle takes a holistic approach to her European style facials, by tailoring each one to suit a client’s specific needs. The experience is sublime, as walking into Isabelle’s studio is akin to walking into the home of a chic Parisian fashion editor, but friendlier. You feel as though you’ve been transported to France and returned with glowing skin.

Graceful Services – No frills and pleasantly inexpensive, going here you’ll want to make a regular habit of getting a massage.