Restaurants: Jack’s Wife Freda for their kale salad and tuna salad; Cocoron Soba on Elizabeth Street, they have a massive soba salad which is so good. I just went to PioraUncle Boon’s is really great. I like Chez Sardine, that salmon head is mind blowing.

Markets: Dean and Deluca. It’s easy. As crazy as it seems in the front, once you get past the coffee bar, there’s really no one there.

Juice Bar:  Juice Generation. B&H on St. Marks and 2nd that makes a good cheap juice for $4.

Self-Care:  I do a massage place that’s really cheap. It’s 45 bucks for 60 minutes and they beat you up. It’s so good.

Guilty Pleasure: Chicken buns at Ippudo. Those things is incredible. Lately that has been my thing. 

Designers:  Public School are my dudes, big J. Crew for staples and mixing everything in. I don’t really shop but I go to Rag & Bone a lot.

Night spot: Paul’s Baby Grand, that’s my new jam. I like the ’70s Miami vibe. There’s a guy who hangs up the disco ball. They do it every night. Halfway through the night right before the party’s gonna start, this guy comes over with a ladder, climbs up it and hangs the disco ball and everyone’s like “Ahhh!”