IF THERE’S ONE THING MIAMI’S KNOWN FOR, IT’S THE BODS. Tight, tanned and toned, there is eye candy everywhere you turn. So it stands to reason that the sunny city has some of the best workouts to offer, right? We’ve uncovered our favorite sweat sessions on the beach from a yoga studio favored by locals to a growing phenomenon that has girls twerking their way to health. 


Green Monkey – In the newly popular neighborhood of Sunset Harbor, Green Monkey has become the wellness hub for yoga, pilates, meditation, and more. With a full schedule ranging from restorative yoga to power vinayasa classes, this studio has something for every yogi. 

Synergy – With locations at Castle Beach and one in South Beach, yogis have the serene studios of Synergy to aline and connect with vinyasa and ashtanga based classes. 

Bikram – Classic bikram classes are taught in this centrally located South Beach studio. 

Standard – The Standard Hotel offers a variety of yoga classes in their beautiful spa to compliment their wellness program. Bonus is visiting the expansive hammam post yoga. 


Flywheel – Spin fanatics love Flywheel for their stat tracking which make it easy and fun to compare against fellow flywheel-ers.

Vixen – In this 60 minute fast paced dance cardio class, students are encouraged to wear wedge sneakers while twerking, salt shaking, and booty popping across the dance floor.


P2P Pilates – This one on one pilates studio on Alton Road teaches from the classic training of Joseph Pilates with some influence from yoga and rehabilitation methods.


The Boardwalk – For locals and visitors alike, the beach in Miami is a must on any warm sunny day. Running, biking, rollerblading or even walking the boardwalk is a great way to workout while also enjoying the coastline.