DAMON: My favorite restaurant is Indochine. I always get the same thing: filet of snapper with the house rice and appetizers vary between the salad, the spring rolls with lettuce and the crab cakes. I also eat a lot of Caribbean food at Miss Lily’s and a Trinidadian restaurant on Nostrand called Gloria’s.

YONI: Union Square Café, Mexicana Mama. My favorite healthy place is Hangawi. I like Cho Dang Gal on 35th street where they make their own tofu everyday, which is great. I like Francia, which is Hangawi’s sister restaurant, it’s a little bit less serious from a culinary standpoint. I also like Snice and Cafe Viva Natural for vegetarian pizza.


DAMON: Yoga VidaClass One Crossfit in Brooklyn close to the Barclay’s Center.


DAMON: I don’t really shop but I got my hat at Goorin Brothers in three colors.

YONI: My go to spot is And Still on LaBrea in West Hollywood. We’re in touch every other week and there are a lot of orders placed throughout the year. Tried & True in Fairfax in LA and American Two Shot in NY are good to.


DAMON: I love the musk oils from Kiehl’s and Dr. Gross Face Wash. A good dermatologist told me that as men we should always use eye cream.

YONI: I have eye cream and after-shave balm from Peter Thomas Roth. I recently bought the best electric trimmer from Norelco. It was 22.99 from CVS and it shaves my beard in like 30 seconds. I want to buy more for when it breaks.


DAMON: I go to Aire, which is an incredible clean bath house. I love the vibe and atmosphere. You’re relaxing, but you’re healing at the same time. There are salt water baths and ice cold baths. For me with working out, you need that to heal. I like to go once a month.

YONI: When I’m in New York I get massages at Silk Day Spa, but I tend to be better about getting massages when I’m staying at a hotel and have nothing to do for an hour.


DAMON: I was just in Tulum over the holiday and stayed at Coqui Coqui. It’s incredible there, it’s gorgeous.

YONI: The deep tissue spa at the Peninsula in Beverly Hills is really great and I like the spa Top Notch in Stowe, Vermont.