Photo by Libby Gray

Photo by Libby Gray

By Nicole Berrie

OKAY, THE HOLIDAYS ARE ALL BUT HERE and if you’re a Type A shopper, those gifts have long been purchased, wrapped and tucked away. But if you’re anything like us, Santa’s wish list unfortunately is always left until last minute. Luckily, we have a secret weapon. Stylist Danielle Nachmani who has worked with a slew of brands spanning from the major (Christian Siriano, Osklen) to the cult (Misha Nonoo, The Row) has graciously lent her expertise in curating an exclusive bonberi gift guide for men and women. “When shopping for friends and family, I tend to take it quite seriously,” revealed Nachmani who currently counts film icon Ethan Hawke, funny gal Amy Schumer and actress Lake Bell as clients. “Ultimately the more personal the purchase, the more ‘thought’ was put into the gift. I know I have done well when the person I love looks at me and says ‘you so get me.'” Surely the covetable list below will garner that response and then some. The other option? As Nachmani put it, “Just go buy a gift card, you lazy person.” Point taken. 


1. Bella Freud Gainsbourg Sweater
Bella Freud is a UK-based designer who has too many “cool girl” accolades to count. She most recently released a series of oversized knits with different sayings such as “Gainsbourg is GOD” or “Je t’aime Jane”. Any francophile would love nothing more than to wear her heart on her sleeve (or on her back).

2. Base Range Lingerie
On a recent shoot, I discovered a basics line called Base Range. I am always on the hunt for simple but sexy undergarments. Base Range is a line of sustainable wear that is incredibly well-priced (a bra and underwear set can run as low as $50). The fabrics feel like heaven and the silhouettes are cool and modern. Just make sure you get her sizes right.

3. Right Tasty Dressings
In the last year, I’ve become a bit of a cook (thanks to ladies at bonberi). My absolute favorite part is mixing my own dressings. It always adds an interesting and personal touch to whatever I am cooking. Two ex-employees of my favorite spot Westville got together and launched this Brooklyn-based company Right Tasty. They have now developed three flavors and to be honest, most girls are suckers for cute packaging. Gift this to the lady chef in your life and I am sure these bottles will be a mainstay on her mantle.

4. Peter Beard by TASCHEN
I have always been a fan of Peter Beard for his incredible collag-like photography and journaling of the 40 years he spent in Africa. (His crushworthy Old Hollywood looks don’t hurt either.) This book was recently released by TASCHEN and is the perfect addition to any coffee table.

5. ShopGrl Simple Ring is a site my sister launched so I am definitely biased, but a “simple ring” is great for any girl and is fairly priced! I love dainty pieces like this because you can stack them or wear them solo for a small addition to any look. It’s a gift for every girl and the site also has additional rings to mix in, so you can personalize it to her style.


1. The Impossible Instant Lab
This is the ultimate gift for pretty much anyone, but a tech-savvy guy would likely appreciate it most. This new contraption hooks up to your iPhone 5 and logs into your Instagram allowing you to have your own Polaroid printer. We all miss physical photos so it’s a nice way to actually hold the amazing photos we all take documenting our daily lives. The pictures could also double as a gift for someone else. It’s truly the gift that keeps on giving.

2. Men In Cities Bike Helmet
Men In Cities is an incredible website launched by men’s accessories designer Yuvi Alpert. I have been more than vocal with friends about the lack of helmets see on Citibike riders. Safety is the best gift for the athletic man in your life. Plus, who doesn’t like a peace sign?

3. FILSON Duffle Bag
I am an avid carrier of all things Filson. Their luggage wears really well and looks incredibly cool. Luggage is usually the best given as a gift and Filson offers so many shapes and sizes it’s the perfect go-to. So give your well-traveled man the gift of a proper weekender.

4. Pharrell: Places and Spaces I’ve Been
Mr. “24 Hours of Happy” has released a book with interviews with everyone from JAYZ to Takashi Murakami. It’s a wonderful book of the musician’s successful forays into multiple creative ventures in music, fashion and art. It’s the perfect gift for the creative man in your life who just wants to dive into Pharrell’s wonderland of creativity and positive thinking.

5. ACNE Kurt Hoodie
A good hoodie is hard to find. Boys tend to hold on to their favorites that feel nostalgic and have that grunge appeal. Well aptly named the “Kurt, Swedish brand ACNE recently released a double lined version in the perfect dark blue. Any guy would be pleased with a cozy gift like this and if not what girl wouldn’t want to steal it and wear it as her own?