By Vanessa Packer

THE CARIBBEAN HAS MANY BEAUTIFUL ISLANDS but for us francophiles here at bonberi, none are more special then the small French island of Saint Barth. White sand beaches, crystal clear water, Nutella crepes and French quiche along with a freshly opened juice spot are just some of the treasures this island has to offer. What continues to bring us back time and again is quintessential Parisian feel of the island. Almost as if a little piece of St. Germain broke off and drifted south, this tropical paradise has endless charm among its rustic setting.


Maya’s: One of the most popular establishments on the island, it’s a must for dinner here one night. Such a special place and the food is delicious.

L’Isola: Such a delicious Italian restaurant. Perfect for a date night. It doesn’t have a view, but the restaurant itself is beautiful and it’s conveniently located in Gustavia.

Eden Roc Restaurant: It’s a bit pricey but really delicious. We like it better for lunch because it’s right on the beach so you just pop in the ocean after a bottle of rose, ah heaven.

Grain De Sel: If you are going to Saline Beach, this is a good option for lunch. It’s close by there and yummy.

Nikki Beach: Another fun lunch on the beach, close to Eden Roc has a bit more of a nightlife-y vibe but it’s good.

L’Esprit: Delicious restaurant for dinner. It’s near Saline as well.

PaCri: A beautiful setting for dinner, and the food is very good.

Bonito: Another great option for dinner in Gustavia, it’s a really nice setting over looking the harbor and the food is really good.

Bites and Sips

Saint Barths Juice Club: Recently introduced by a pair of Paris ex-pats exclusively at the Tom Beach Hotel, this petite juice company features fresh vegetable and fruit juices in adorable bottles to sip at Le Plage or to take “a emporter.” We love the innovative combos like La Tortue, the Scrub and the Washing Machine, which are all named after various surf locales on the island! Stop by the neighboring boutique to pick up a tee from Free St. Barth.

Maya’s To Go: Great for breakfast or lunch. We like to pick up from here before heading to the beach.

La Creperie: Yummy crepes, coffee, juice, sweets. It’s a nice stop over after the beach or in between shopping.

Ti St Barth: This is a classic St Barth haunt, so it needs to have a place on the list. I wouldn’t go unless you are with a group because it’s just more fun that way. It’s not about the food, it’s about the dancing and show they put on. It’s a very funny place on the island to have a night out.

*There are a lot of little spots to pick up quiche and rotisserie chicken where the locals go, but there are different ones in each neighborhood. For example, there was one we would go to on the main road from Saline to St Jean. 


The Roc Shop in Eden Roc: Love this store. They have a great selection of cute bathing suits, cover ups and beach style attire.

Victor / Victoria: They have the best espadrilles! It’s in Gustavia a few streets up from the main road into town.

Free St Barth: This store is classic St Barths branded gear, good for gifting. Next to this store is an amazing selection of labels like Isabel Marant. Also, across the path from this store is a really cool vintage store that is worth checking out.

Vanita Rose: French cover ups and swimwear. Really nice stuff.

Poupette: Pretty beachwear and pieces you don’t normally see.

*The best stores in Gustavia are off the main road into town. While you are in St Jean, walk around there are a bunch a little shops that have cute things and the classic St Barths French West Indies shirts. 

Beaches (The first two are all time favorites)

*Gouvenour: A must, so beautiful and petit and perfect. Bring whatever you need with you as they don’t have any development on or near it.

*Saline: Like a bigger Gouvenour, also perfect and the same goes for needing anything, bring it with you.

St Jean: Have lunch at Nikki or Eden Roc and chill on the beach here it’s a nice post rose, post lunch hang.

Shell Beach: Closer to Gustavia a lot of people really love this one.

Flammand: A beautiful beach. I like to have lunch at Isle de France and hang on the beach here for an afternoon.
*The shop at Isle de France is cute too, packed with stuff for men and women. Worth a peak. 

Colombier Beach: The surrounding area used to be owned by David Rockefeller so it’s often referred to as ‘Rockefeller Beach’