By Jenny Lynch


You have gone through tremendous changes over the last few years, some of which have been very compromising.  However 2014 marks an important turning point for you. Think of it as your come back time, when you can expect to make great professional strides. But first there’s a little work to do.  For the first half of the year, your ruler Mars will be in your opposite sign Libra, and at odds with freedom loving Uranus in your sign. This marks a time to focus on your relationships, as your success relies on your ability to form the best possible partnerships. This also includes, establishing healthy boundaries with collaborators and clients. In April when these planets clash in the form of a grand cardinal cross, you may be forced to make an important decision. If relationship issues come to the fore then, you can trust the lunar eclipse on the 15th will set things straight. By the end of the year, once Mars couples with Pluto in Capricorn, your professional sign, you will be able to reclaim or gain power in your career. 


Close personal relationships will continue to be a focus in 2014.  With Saturn in Scorpio, your partnership sign, you may decide to make a clean break or deepen a commitment. Saturn is known for keeping things real, and bringing clarity, so you’re not apt to make wrong decisions during this phase. For the first half of the year, Mars will be in Libra, your wellness sign, assisting you to advance your health and better organize your daily routines. Perhaps even better news is that once lucky Jupiter enters Leo mid July, your family and home life will begin to flourish.  A move or relocation may be in the cards.  What ever takes place after this time, will prove to be very fortunate for you.


Your financial situation could improve or take a lucky turn this year.   With expansive Jupiter touring your money house for the the first half of 2014, you may be able to find a better paying job or discover new ways to create revenues.  If you’re the entrepreneurial type, July would be an excellent time to begin a new project.  But this year is not just about money, it’s about health and romance too.  Serious Saturn in Scorpio, your wellness sign may prompt you to find perfect solutions; a diet, routine or practitioner that will result in a better state of being.  Mars too will keep you busy in the romance department.  If you are looking for love, you may find it.  Couples may decide to begin a family under these stars.


You’re off to a brilliant start for the first half of the year.  Lucky Jupiter will be in your sign until, July 16.  Do what you can to make a name for yourself, find new allies or even a lover, as you will be very popular during this time. If you need a favor, don’t hesitate to ask, people want to help you succeed now.  Once Jupiter slips into Leo, your money sign, you may feel ready to invest in yourself to brighten your future.   Taking a certification course that leads to a better paying job, could prove very beneficial.  The only challenging area will be close personal relationships.  While you feel the need to change or grow, you might feel someone close is holding you back by resisting your efforts towards improvement.  Allow them some time to catch up before making major decisions. And if they don’t, well then you will revaluate your relations or find new options to co-create win-win situations.    


The first half of this year is all about personal growth.  If you feel you’re not doing enough in the outer world, don’t worry – you haven’t lost your stride. It’s just that the outer planets are directing you to focus on your inner life for the time being.  With serious Saturn in your domestic sign, transformational Pluto in your wellness sign, and expansive Jupiter in your retreat sector, it’s likely you’re quite busy taking personal inventory and laying down new structures that will benefit you in the near future.  Only after July 16, once Jupiter enters your sign, will you feel ready and refreshed to begin anew.  Take the first part of the year, to develop your personal power and spiritual understanding.  Then you’ll be in fine position and off with a roaring start for the abundance of fresh new opportunities that will present themselves mid year.


There will be wonderful opportunities to socially elevate yourself this year.  With expansive Jupiter in Cancer, your friendship sign you may find like minded by joining groups or organizations.  Some of these people will be very beneficial and stimulating for you.  This marks a very good time to team up or collaborate with others on a project.   However finances may be challenging this year.  With Mars touring Libra, your money sign you may feel ambitious about increasing your income, but this could also cause disputes.  If you have been waiting for a rebate, a raise or have been giving more than your fair share to someone, the April grand cross could prove to be a deal breaker time for you.  The planets will be forming harsh aspects to your money houses, so you might also find a major expense surfacing around that time.  It would be wise to save for a rainy day before then.  Romance and creative pursuits are promising in July. This would be an excellent month to showcase your talents, find a backer or make a deeper commitment to your relationship.   


Count your blessings Libra, you haven’t been this inspired in a very long time! 2014 continues to gift you 6 more months of Mars in your sign. While 2013 provided opportunities to create long lasting arrangements and agreements regarding home and finances, hopefully you’ve done what was necessary.  If so, you will find your sacrifices begin to pay off in spades, by providing you with support that frees you up.  If for example, you continued working a dead end job to save money, while pursuing a dream, it’s likely that you will soon find opportunities to put your plans in action. But first, there’s work to do. You will most likely hit a bump in the road in April, when the eclipses take place and the grand cross completes itself, on the 21st. While this is surely a pivotal time for you, trust what ever surfaces then, will clear the way for big changes. This will be especially true, after July 16, when Jupiter enters Leo, your social sign and puts you in touch with just the right people. The only downside is that while serious Saturn in Scorpio, continues to review your financial affairs, you will have to remain very focused and keen about money. Keep budgeting and working on business plans – you’re about to hit pay dirt and cash in.


Ever since late 2012, when task master Saturn entered your sign, you have been under the gun and working hard to prove yourself.  While Saturn can help you attain self mastery, he only rewards those who do the work.  Saturn will leave your sign on Christmas Eve, 2014.  So between now and then, do all you can to ensure the best possible outcome. For the first half of the year your planetary patron Mars, will be in Libra, your retreat and behind the scenes sign. Use this time to finalize plans, put finishing touches to projects, resumes or work quietly by yourself. Then get ready for a big turn around in July.  This is when Saturn will turn direct in your sign, Mars will enter your sign and lucky Jupiter will enter Leo, your professional arena.  You could be up for a big promotion, or suddenly find yourself in the spot light. This planetary conspiracy is set to put you on top of your game by then.


For the first half of the year, your ruling planet Jupiter will be in Cancer, your transformational sign.  It’s possible that you will benefit from challenging yourself during this time. A yoga teacher training, a distant journey or making a very deep commitment to someone or something you feel passionate about could prove life changing.  Soon after, your planetary patron will enter Leo, your worldly sign.  Anything to do will publishing or the internet should work out well.  This would be an excellent time to travel or decide to take up a new study.  September will be the most romantic month of the year. Mars will be in your sign, forming a grand fire trine with your ruler and exciting Uranus in your house of true love.  You may feel ready to make an important announcement then, about your relationship, a creative endeavor, a pregnancy or something that promises to bring you great joy.    


2014 promises to be a game changer for you.  For the first half of the year, you will have energetic Mars opening new doors in your professional arena. You will also have lucky Jupiter in Cancer, your partnership sign, helping you to advance in your career. It’s possible that a client, peer or close friend will help to promote you.  Or if someone you admire offers to partner up in business with you, this would be an auspicious year to do so.  Your planetary ruler Saturn will be in Scorpio, your networking sign until December, so it’s possible you will find several offers this year.   If possible delay your commitments until after the April grand cross and the eclipses take place. You may find critical information surfaces, which will help you make wiser decisions after that time. Pluto in your sign, promises to continually empower you with dynamic charisma.  You may be surprised to find others gravitating towards you.  If there was ever a time for you to step into a leadership role, it would be now. While this is a year to reach short term goals, this could also be when you completely change your life style.  Even your money situation should improve as each month goes by.  


Your health and work situation should improve the first half this year – thanks to fortunate Jupiter touring Cancer, your sign of wellness and daily routines.  If you’ve been experiencing stress at your job, April could be when things turn around.  It’s likely the mounting pressure before that time will make you feel ready to leave your job or even change your career. But the planets suggest you wait before you make your move.  The grand cardinal cross and eclipses in April, will help to clear matters up. Someone difficult could leave the job, or you might suddenly find a new assignment coming your way. Even relations with co-workers become more enjoyable after that time. Something magical could happen for your career and love life once the July 26 new moon takes place in Leo. Lucky Jupiter will be couple with this moon, while Mars takes charge in your professional sign.  An added bonus will be that Saturn will finally turn direct in Scorpio, your professional sign, while your ruler Uranus goes retrograde. This will be when you find the power to reach your true potential in love and business.  


The first half of 2014 should be a joyous time for you. Your planetary patron Jupiter, will be exalted in Cancer, your creative and true romance sign.  It’s likely you will feel loved and inspired during this phase – especially early March, once Jupiter turns direct.  Still don’t be surprised if you hit a bump in the road in April, when the eclipses take place and the grand cardinal cross completes itself, effecting your money houses. It’s likely you will encounter a major expense or have to make a big investment at this time. You might also find disputes over money.  This could be when you are expecting payment, which is delayed. Do what you can to avoid misunderstandings before this time, especially in early February when Mercury goes retrograde in your sign. Commitments you make then, may not work in your favor in the long run, or you may completely change your mind. In July once Jupiter enters Leo, you will be positioned to earn additional income from a creative pursuit. By fall, you will find exciting new opportunities that advance you professionally and perhaps even push your public status sky high.