THE LOWER EAST SIDE still retains some of its gritty charm among the flood of cool restaurants, hipster bars and chic clothing stores. Walking the streets, you can still get clear picture of what our ancestors first saw when they stepped foot into New York City. Row upon row of tenement houses still stand beside new developments, stitching the neighborhood together in the fabric of downtown New York that is ever changing but in someways still the same. Among it all, the health community has found a way to make its presence known. Below are some of our favorite haunts from this neighborhood that so perfectly blends the old with the new. 

The Butcher’s Daughter – Incredible organic  juices and food in a sunny airy setting. We love this spot for breakfast or lunch. They also make one of the best avocado toasts we’ve ever had!

Dimes – This newcomer resides on the border of the LES and Chinatown and is quickly becoming a favorite for the healthy set. With an acai section on the menu it’s no wonder why.

Irving Farm at 88 Orchard – Great coffee and tea, we especially love that they have almond milk on hand and gluten free snacks to nibble on.

Teany – This cute cafe has been a mainstay of the neighborhood. First opened by musician Moby and expanded into a national tea company, they still offer plenty of cafe classics to suite any preference. Vegan options available too! 

Babycakes – Every gluten-free gal knows about this incredible bakery, and namesake cookbook. For sweet and savory cravings sans gluten, this spot can’t be beat.

Essex Street Market – We love this marketplace for their wide selection of artisan purveyors. It’s a must stop by before your next dinner party, or to liven up dinner at home.

Union Market – Great for basics with a nice selection of fruits and veggie, it’s a good place to stock up on organic necessities.

The Pickle Guys – LES legends with the best pickles in town. Don’t miss their kimchee, pickled cabbage that acts as a powerful digestive aid and cancer fighter.

Assembly – Specializing in international and hard to find labels, this store has become a go-to resource for fashion insiders. Don’t miss their in-house designed line of subtle basics.

Edith Machinist – A wonderland of vintage. Highlights include the shoe and accessory offerings, among the large selection of vintage clothing.

Maryam Nassir Zadeh – Well curated and beautifully presented fashion, this store is a jewel box of a space, and ideal for finding a special piece. 

Narnia – Another vintage paradise full of easy to wear pieces for women.