Exercise 1

Single standing leg raise with a forward side shoulder raise
This component  targets joint stabilization of the ankles, knees, hips and also tones and targets anterior and medial portion of the shoulder muscles. Intensity should be low and frequency high.

Exercise 2

Physio ball knee tucks
This component isolates and tones the arms, chest, shoulders and abdominal muscles. It is great for core and joint stabilization. High frequency is needed for this particular component.

Exercise 3

Bosu ball squat over head raise with a medicine ball
You’re definitely killing three birds with this component targeting legs, glutes, shoulders, arms and abs. This is another component which demands high frequency in terms of reps.

Stretch for Flexibility

Stretch #1 Stretch #1 Stretch #2 Stretch #2 Stretch #3 Stretch #3 Stretch #4 Stretch #4

The first stretch is great for glutes.
The second stretch targets the inner adducters of the legs and hips.
The third stretch targets the deltoids and rotators cuff of the shoulders.
The fourth stretch targets flexibility of the abdominal and lumbar of the core.

Michael Garcia, Centermind