By Nicole Berrie
Photography by Sasha Israel

WE RECENTLY INTERVIEWED THE INIMITABLE NATALIA ROSE on her philosophy when it comes to detoxing, energy flow and staying alkaline. Here, in our second installment, Ms. Rose expounds on the psychology behind detoxing, how she amends her philosophy when it comes to her kids (read: ice cream!) and why none of us should be drinking “New York’s Finest” tap water.

Many clients come to you for help with weight loss. What is the second biggest issue that that people come to you with?
If we’re going to take weight loss out of the equation, it’s usually depression and moods like sadness and low energy. Everyone takes all these stimulants. Coffee, white sugar, flour and pharmaceuticals. It’s all to make them feel awake and alert. But how can you have energy if you’re blocked?

What, in your experience, is the main cause of sickness?
Blockage. If you have a well-tuned string instrument and pluck it, it’s going to make a beautiful sound. If there’s crud on the harp strings and you pluck it, it won’t make a sound. People are not feeling anymore because there is too much crud on the harp strings. If you think of it, with the meridians in our bodies, we are an instrument, so if we are blocked, we’re not going to feel, we’re going to be sad and we’re not going to have energy. 

What are things you can do beyond diet to increase energy?
Meditation. I do source meditation. I lie down flat because I don’t like to have to hold my body up in any way. Then I go straight into source or nirvana. I’ll either do it in the morning or around two in the afternoon, depending on what my energy is like. I like to take advantage of it when I need a refresh and then I go straight into work mode.

Are there certain things people should cut out of their everyday diet immediately to improve their quality of life?
Tap water, it’s horrible. It’s basically eating away our pineal gland. If you look at a glass of tap water, it looks like garbage. To clean it, I use two capfuls of Adya Clarity. Fluoride and chlorine are doing untold damage to the thyroid. It’s poisonous, acidic and just totally toxifying. On top of that, you have all the pharmaceuticals that are thrown into our water supply, which are going into our tap water. The other thing I’ll drink is spring water, clean spring water.

What about bottled water?
It’s all going to leech the plastic. Water should be alive. Even in glass bottles, you’re going to have some death to the water because it’s being suffocated. The nice thing about the Adya Clarity is that it reenlivens the water. Everything is supposed to be connected. So if water is deep in the soil, it’s breathing with the earth. If you put it in plastic, it’s like oxygen that doesn’t have any life force in it.

In addition to Adya Clarity, are there other supplements that aid detoxification?
Lately I’ve been using Miracle Mineral Solution. It’s highly controversial. It’s chloride as opposed to chlorine. It kills all pathogens. It’s amazing. It’s like hydrogen peroxide but I think it’s better than hydrogen peroxide. So I’ve been playing around with that. Nascent iodine also chelates the heavy metals from the pineal and the thyroid, which is amazing. It gets the thyroid going. It’s better than any of the thyroid medications. With supplements, I get into things to know they can work and then I move on.

We’ve heard that taking hydrogen peroxide internally can also help kill yeast and toxicity?
I think hydrogen peroxide is amazing. It kills pathogens, that’s the most important thing. It’s also going to awaken carbonic gas and trapped waste. It’s a huge awakener, which is why most people can’t tolerate it. The more toxic you are, the harder it is to take. So you want to be so careful.

What are the best ways to take it?
If you’re taking it orally with water, you have 1 drop of food grade hydrogen peroxide per ounce of water and you don’t want to exceed that for several days. If that feels ok, you can always go to 2 drops per ounce but that could give you a really bad day if you’re not ready for it. I’ve done it intravenously, in enemas and colonics. It’s tough to take orally. There are a few different schools of thought but I think you have to get to a point where you can feel what’s happening in your body to determine what’s best for it.

What’s the difference in benefits when taking hydrogen peroxide intravenously versus through colonics? 
With a colonic, you’re getting the gas pressure out. In your blood stream, it’s theoretically going to be killing pathogens. So you’re theoretically going to be disabling yeast and fungus.

What products do you keep on your nightstand?
Wisdom of the Earth Essential Oils. I like the white grapefruit extract and the cinnamon bark.

What is the most detoxifying product?
The most magnetic substance on the earth is clay, which includes bentonite and zeolite. It’s the most alkaline so it’s going to take anything that’s acidic in the body and it’s going to attract it. That’s great if you have colonics to back that up. But if you don’t, you can awaken all that stuff and you’re going to feel much worse.

But what the notion that our body naturally releases without the aid of colonics?
Your body is only able to process what you put in that day. After that, it gets harder and harder the longer it stays in. Yes, taking bentonite or zeolite will chelate all sorts of things in your body, but it won’t get them out, it will just awaken them. Only with the power of colonics can you make sure you’re getting out what needs to come out.

When it comes to feeding your kids, how strict are you?
I kept the two older ones entirely raw for the first two years of their life with the exception of goat milk and baked sweet potatoes and they have never been to the doctor for a sick visit ever. Now I buy almost only organic foods but as I explain to my kids all the time, organic doesn’t mean it’s healthy. They’ll say, “This sour patch kid is organic!” I try to get the highest quality chips and bars because they want to have kiddie things, so I don’t interfere with that.

Do you let them indulge?
They totally live it up! They’ll go to Hillstone with my husband and have a burger and the spinach dip. Every now and then, I let them order a Roy Rogers drink and they’ll get a Haagen Daaz or I’ll get the Julie’s Organic Ice Cream for the house. The most elegant way to lead is by example. Everyone is on their own journey. I set up a strong foundation for them so I don’t really need to worry about enforcing control. I just need to be true to me and if in twenty years they see that, it’s a good thing.

What about your own indulgences?
If it were me, it would be Laloo’s goat milk ice cream.

Are there any things that you forbid the kids to eat?
Hot dogs from the park. Hot dogs period. Cow’s milk and Sponge Bob Square Pants ice cream. Homie don’t play that.

What is the next step for Detox The World?
My biggest new project is called the New Earth Project. It’s one of the biggest movements in the world today and it’s phenomenal. One of the reasons I got into the New Earth Project is because it can’t be just about us anymore. It can’t be just about our own vanity, our own egos or how superhuman can we be. It’s about how can we bring the earth back. How can everybody be safe, happy, fulfilled, creative and able to express. We need to redeem our world to that higher ideal. It’s not just about our own vanity project.

What have you learned while working on this project?
How to express more affection towards each other and to be more compassionate. The goal is to get rid of all this competition. It’s not natural. Especially for women. Competition is a male trait.

Do you have an end goal?
My vision is there will be a day when women’s ambition will be to make their best friend the most beautiful and that will be their expression of beauty rather than how beautiful they can make themselves.