Physioball Knee-tuck

Targets: Abs (rectus, transvers and lower), shoulders and triceps

1.     Begin with hands directly under the shoulder and shins on the physioball.  Both arms and legs should be completely straight.  Press the inner thighs together and tighten the stomach. 

2.     Firmly press the hands into the ground and do not allow the upper body to move or shift.  Slowly pull the knees in towards the chest. Pause here, tighten the stomach again and make sure that the body is stable before moving on.

3.     Straighten legs and return to start position.  Pause for 2-3 seconds before continuing.

Repeat 10-15x


Physioball Crunch 

Target:  Abs

1.     Begin with back and shoulders stretched over the ball, feet hip-width apart and knees pressed out, towards the little toe.

2.     Tighten the abs, tuck the chin into the chest, following with shoulders curling into a crunch position. Imagine that you’re rounding your torso into a ball.

3.     At the top, tighten the abs and pause for 2 seconds. 

4.     Slowly lower back and shoulders to the start position.

5.     For an added challenge rest a 10-pound dumbbell across the clavicle and hold in position.

Repeat 15-20x


Physioball Oblique Crunch

Target: Obliques

1.     Begin with feet pressed onto a wall, bottom leg in front and the top leg behind it. Lightly place the fingertips behind the head with elbows opened, and the side of your torso hugging the ball.

2.     Press through the feet, tighten the stomach and slowly pull the torso away from the ball.

3.     Holding the torso with the oblique, make sure that the legs are still fully straightened.  Pause for 2 seconds.

4.     Slowly lower back to the start position allowing the side of the torso to completely round and stretch over the ball.

Repeat 15-20x on each side