By Nicole Berrie
Video and Photography by Sasha Israel

MIRACLES NOW IS MEANT TO TEACH,” says Gabrielle Bernstein, curled up on the couch of her sun-drenched living room in her East Village loft while sipping a Ginger Fireball from the Juice Press. “Whoever reads it will become a spiritual teacher who can carry the message to others.” It’s fortuitous that the New York Times best-selling author has released this teaching manual now that her thousands of fans and self-avowed “Spirit Junkies” have attended multitudes of lectures and workshops and are equipped with Ms. Bernstein’s tools to spread the gospel of self-love. Her latest tome, which includes 108 guidelines to maintaining a balanced life features quick tips such as “Be More Childlike” and “Worry Is A Prayer For Chaos.” Below, Ms. Bernstein reveals ten of her own routine habits as one of her favorite meditations that you can carry just about anywhere.

When I wake up in the morning, I like to eat quinoa cereal and have a cup of dandelion tea.

With each new season, I make sure to boost my immune system. I used to get sick with the change of season so I’m very conscious of my self-care routine at that time.

Before bed, my nightly ritual is a salt bath. Then I put oil all over my body and use a lot of great products on my face. Before I fall asleep I run through the day in my mind and focus on what I’m grateful for.

One of my favorite things to cook is brisket with vegetables.

When I’m feeling drained, I take a light bath. I lie down on the floor and envision a waterfall of light pouring over my body, cleansing me, and restoring me.

I’m most at peace, in my zen den. I have a very sacred space in my apartment that is where I meditate and practice yoga.

My favorite way to sweat is on the mini trampoline.

The one kitchen tool I can’t live without is Vitamix, obviously.

The best healthy snack is, Mary’s Gone Crackers and hummus or green apple and almond butter.

My favorite guilty indulgence is cacao in my oatmeal.