Sullivan Bistro- Sometimes I go there for breakfast, I do some vegetarian stuff, fakin’ bacon, pancakes once and a while.
Candle Cafe and Candle 79My son works there. I love the owners, they are good people. Blossom Cafe – I did their menu for them
Pure Food and WineI did their menu too. Sarma is awesome. She put me in her cookbook, her and Matthew Kinney. 

Grooming Products:
Coconut Oil – Spectrum

Kitchen Essentials:
Coconut cleaver“Pop that meat!”

Travel Destination:
Jamaica – The Rockhouse. I would go sleep on the beach alone wrapped up in shells, no one around, not scared.  I love the water that much. I like being near the water it’s very healing that salt water just blows through your body right through your pores. I find that most happy people live by the water. Fresh breeze, salt, I love the beach. 

Travel Essentials:
Tank tops, Swim shorts, backpack