I Sodi
ABC Kitchen
Spotted Pig
Pok Pok
Selamat Pagi 

Beauty Essentials:
I only wash my face with water. I never wear makeup. I just got my first haircut in 5 years, at Devachan. I use Moroccan Oil and Rodin face oil here and there.

Union Square farmers market
Rachel’s – a 24 hr produce store across the street from where we live
Good Eggs
Di Paolo’s 

Juice Bar:
Juice Press
I also like the centrifugal juice concoctions at my local grocery store, they just take the produce directly from the produce section.

Travel Essentials:
Lots of little notebooks, I bring them with me everywhere

J. Crew. My goal in life is to be sponsored by men’s J.Crew and Steven Allen. I wear button downs a lot and I always feel like it’s my apron.