Half cup of fermented soybean paste (Chunggukjang) or Miso paste will work too
oyster mushroom 1/3 pack
1 green hot pepper
1 red pepper
2  scallion
1/3 white onion
sea salt

For Stock:
Dried Anchovies or Kelp

(All vegetables to be cut into small pieces)

1. For the soup base – prepare the soup from dried anchovies or kelp (sea vegetables) It would be nice to prepare the soup base prior the cooking and let it sit in refrigerator. See recipe of dried anchovy soup stock from the seaweed soup.
2. Boil the soup in pot , put the all cut up prepared vegetable, onion, mushroom, hot peppers, squash.
3. After the vegetable started to boil, add the Chunggukjang (fermented soybean paste)
4. Lastly add more sliced peppers on top so the color looks nice.
5. Add sea salt to taste.
6. Bring it to quick boil after the sea salt.