4 cups of dried seaweed (miyeok)*
half cup of  jogaesal ( claims or sea mussel )
10 piece of large size dried anchovies
2 spoon soy sauce
sea salt
minced garlic

*Soak dry seaweed ( Miyeok )in the cold water for an hour , drain the water and wash in cold water, slice into bite size

1 . Boil the water about 15 minutes in the pot with about 10 piece of dried anchovies.
2. Take out the the anchovies from the pot.
3. Put the soaked and drained seaweed into the pot and boil high about 20 minutes,
4  After the seaweed gotten soft, put claims or Mussel. Do not boil the Jogaesal ( claims or mussel ) too long, because jogaesal gets tough.
5 Add little sea salt into the well boiled seaweed in the pot.
6  Keep remove  the bubbles occurred during cooking.
7 Adjust the taste with the soy sauce and sea salt.
8. Lastly mix the minced garlic in the soup and turn off the heat.