50ml soy sauce
25ml cider vinegar
25ml maple syrup
50ml lime juice
100 ml grapeseed oil
Black pepper
Fine salt

1 sprig Mint
1 sprig Tarragon
1 sprig Dill

Box of Quinoa
2 Pints of Brussel Sprouts

Make one Cup of Quinoa according to package directions.

Cut Brussel Sprouts in half and peel off outer layer. toss in olive oil and 1t salt

Roast on a sheet tray in a 375 degree oven until golden brown

While this is cooking make the dressing and pick a small amount of herbs

When the quinoa is finished and the sprouts done roasting mix them together, add two tablespoons of dressing and the herbs in a mixing bowl and season with salt.

Pour into a serving bowl and enjoy.