abc and abc Cocina
i Sodi
Nomad Hotel

Self Care
Accupuncture. I go to this amazing man Abdet Assad
Waxing. The same woman has been waxing me since the beginning of time, her name is Linda Tavicchi. She has such a hatred of hair in unwanted places. She also does great acid peels and masks.

Hot yoga and kundalini yoga. I like Prana in Union Square

Face – I’m not organic natural girl, I use md Skincare step 1 and 2 – acid is your friend, ha
Aesop shampoo and body stuff. Also, I use a scented oil I buy at Albertine on my skin.

Pantry Essentials
Sea salt
Seaweed – for iodine, because I use salt without it and it turns out I need it
Olive Oil
I use a coffee grinder a lot to grind spices
I make a shake every morning with hemp milk – more omega then almond, more calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, vitamin d, more fiber. The almond just felt like a treat after a while

Tips for Gardening
Start with herbs, it’s a great bang for your buck and it’s a good starter. Lettuce is really easy to grow too