New York:
Pizza at Serafina
Sushi of Gari
Standard East and West, I really like Nacissa
Brooklyn Fare
Take Root

Le Comptoir
Bistro food in Paris is the best
Z Kitchen Gallery

South of France, Italy and Spain are unbeatable. Boqueria in Barcelona is incredible

New York:
Union Square, the one on Columbus Ave by The Natural History Museum is great
Agata and Valentina

Kitchen Essentials:

  • Knife skills are essential
  • Domesticating the fire, it’s a relationship between understanding the fire and not undercooking or over cooking the food.
  • Understanding seasoning. Cooks that don’t taste their food are very often wrong, because you have to adjust. I created a line of spices with this guy we were buying spices from, he’s such a nice guy. He sells only on the internet, and he has a tiny store so it was nice to do something together and have the collection of specialty spices.
  • Finding the knife that is right for you, it’s an extension of your arm and it says a lot about the cook. In the kitchen the cooks are very proud of their knives. I have a lot of Japanese and a lot of German knives.

Travel Essentials:
A Buddha in my bag
If I go on a cooking trip, I bring my knives