“FOR ME VIBRATION IS TANGIBLE,” says MaryAnn DiMarco, also known as “MaryAnn The Medium” over a decaf almond milk latte at the Marlton Hotel in downtown NYC. “I like to describe it as a frequency. It’s important to understand how are you choosing to tune into your day.” I first came to know DiMarco–a psychic medium and spiritual teacher–when she spoke at Gabrielle Bernstein’s Spirit Junkie Masterclass earlier this spring. Not quite sure what a medium was, I watched in awe as the author of Believe, Ask, Act effortless read the members of the audience’s inner life questions and turmoils as casually as one would read off items of a menu. I wondered, how does she keep her energy in check and are their tricks to doing so ourselves on a daily basis? We had the fortune of sitting down with DiMarco–she hosts her nearly sold-out speaking engagement tomorrow on November 28 (sign up here) where we talked spirit guides, how diet matters and the quickest ways to raise your intuition.

What does it mean to raise your vibration?
If you start off the day with the news, you might just start off with a low frequency and that will set the tone for the rest of the day. If you do positive affirmations, you start to raise up and you can feel yourself being connected to the other side just in a different way than if you’re in the doldrums of negativity all day long. We have to stay informed though. So what I like to do, I’ll take a look at the news, I don’t watch it for the rest of the day and I let it have its moment and then I set it aside and just keep thinking positive and move my vibration up, expressing gratitude throughout the day.

When you wake up first thing in the morning, is there a way that you tune in for yourself?
I note my conscious breathing. I’m already thinking about what my day is going to bring in but I try to breathe in and out, open my third eye and make sure everything is aligned. It takes seconds to get that in order. Then I express gratitude. I say, “Thank you Universe,” and go about my day. I’m very informal about it.

Do you have any non-negotiables when it comes to your well-being?
I exercise six times a week whether it’s hard-core cardio, strength training, spin classed and circuit training. I workout with strong women and that makes me feel empowered too. I’m so affected by people’s energy and I like positive people. That routine has become so necessary.

How does diet factor into your own work, when it comes to feeling in the flow and not?
It has a huge impact. I start out everyday with Bulletproof coffee. So I’ve got my collagen, my grass-fed butter, that is my go-to. I’ve made the rest of my diet pretty much gluten-free and dairy-free for the most part. Even alcohol, I notice that doing this work, because it’s so intense, I have to watch even my casual drinking, it can throw me off for days. I have to pay attention because this is our vessel. If I have to be in tune, I have to be careful what I put into my body.

What are some of your top self-care practices?
I love acupuncture. I use Chinese herbal medicine to help balance. I take Free And Easy Wanderer, I take Prosperous Farmer, Magnesium, Turmeric. I have a spiritual healer and I ask her to balance me as well.

What steps can people take to tap into their spirit guides?
There are three steps, which I talk about in my book. First, establish a belief system, something greater than yourself. It doesn’t matter what it is as long as it’s positive. Then you have to learn how to ask questions–Learning how to manifest, meditate, write in our wish books and remember to ask questions that are not self-serving and that are for the greater good. Then the third step that people forget is the act part. They forget to act and follow the stepping stones.

How do you know which steps to take?
It can come through a message from a friend, it can come in repetitive themes that you’re seeing like banners on your websites. Spirit guides use our tools from this world to get us to pay attention, to get us to wake up. When you can tap into that, you become so powerful because you have all these tools at your fingertips that you didn’t realize. It can feel very pedestrian or it can feel magical. Maybe you dreamt about it. Maybe you’re standing in front of an office and you don’t know how you got there. All of those things are our spirit guides talking to us.

What should or can people use spirits for?
Every single day you can use spirit around you. To navigate through road blocks in your life, love and relationships, your health, when you feel like you’re in a whirlwind. It’s important to ask the right questions. “What is my better path to health? How do I get through this?” You can put in an intention. “Please put signs so I can clearly see to put me in the right direction. Is this person right or wrong for me?” It can be that simple.  Yes or no.

Are there certain ways people unintentionally pick up negative energy and is there a way to protect yourself?
A lot of people are empathic so when you walk in to a room and you feel that funky vibe, I do a process of bringing in the light. I surround myself with light. You can even picture yourself in a suit of armor. My teacher taught me this. What you want to do is ask your guides or ask your loved ones to protect you from the energy. You can ask the universe, “Is this me or is this the energy that I’m feeling?” A lot of empaths can get confused. Why do I suddenly feel down? Why am I suddenly feeling anxiety? You might be feeling somebody else’s anxiety that’s not your own. If you can learn to decipher the difference and part of that is shutting down. It makes a world of a difference and you’re able to read the room instead of living in the energy of that room.

How do you personally unplug from your spirit guides?
I’m pretty plain spoken. I don’t get too woo-y. I’m just, “Leave me alone.” Sometimes if I’m in a really large room, I’ll put velvet ropes in my mind’s eye. As in, don’t let anybody cross. It’s like having spiritual bouncers who are like, “She’s not working right now.” Ninety-percent of the time spirit respects that. Once in a while I get a pushy spirit.

Who are your teachers?
Pat Longo is a spiritual healer and she is my teacher. My mom really is the one that taught me the most. She had me meditating at a very young age. I remember straining to see my third eye. I grew up on Long Island. I remember i was 6 or 7 years old and had my friends over and saying, “We’re going to meditate.” She taught me about higher levels of consciousness and she taught me about spiritual guides on the other side. She kept me open.

Are you a believer in crystals to clear your energy?
I think it’s great if crystals work for you. I’m not a big crystal user just because I wasn’t drawn to use them. However, once in a while I’ll do a rose quartz around me. Make sure you’re sage-ing them, make sure you don’t let anyone else touch them. You only want your own energy in there. They’re great for balancing. Remember the crystal picks you, you don’t pick the crystal.

Your book is about raising your intuition. What are three steps people can take now to tune in?
1. Meditation. And meditation can come in any form that is cathartic for you. You don’t have to formally sit there and meditate. Maybe you’re a gardener, maybe you like to take long walks. Start a dialog through spirit that way. It can come through a feeling, hearing, even taste comes into play. That’s a great way to make connection.

2. Another wonderful way is to write. Automatic writing is writing that spirit is using you to write through. You can pose a question at the top of the page. I don’t recommend it on your phone. I recommend old school, pen to paper, you want to put your energy into it. You can put a person’s name that you’d like to connect with and just allow the words to flow. It should be very positive. If it’s not, stop, burn it, ask for protection and start again. That’s a wonderful way to make connection too.

3. Conversation. Spirit comes through your own voice. It’s not a creepy disembodied voice that comes from another side.


What is the number one question you get during readings?
How can I hear them too? That’s the number one question. And you can. You can do it through conversation with spirit, meditation, automatic writing, all of that will bring you to your answers. I use them everyday. It’s a whole team you have on the other side. Isn’t that comforting? You’re not alone. It’s the idea of being open to the process. You have to truly believe that there is energy on the other side that we can connect with. We’re all born with intuition. That’s the universe’s greatest gift to us.