TRAVELING CAN WREAK HAVOC ON ANY TRIED-AND-TRUE WELLNESS ROUTINE, WHICH IS WHY IT’S SO IMPORTANT TO BE PREPARED. Whether you’re road tripping or beach-bound, there’s nothing worse than feeling off your game when you’re away and then feeling as though you have to make up for all the vices when you get back. Whenever I have a trip coming up, big or small, I start thinking about my artillery the week of. (Okay, since becoming a mom, maybe the day of.) Below I’ve included my must-haves for checking and carry-on to make sure the actual vacation is as smooth as the voyage.

Always In My Carry-On…

  1. SunChlorella (green Juice in pill form!)
  2. Activated charcoal (for unplanned tummy issues)
  3. Shelf-stable probiotics
  4. Eyemask
  5. Weleda Skin Food for dry hands on the plane
  6. Fresh fruit! (Clementines, Honeycrisp apples  and cut pineapple)
  7. Lemon slices to add to water after security (I also order hot water on the plane and drop these in there too)
  8. Mason jar salad with dressing on the bottom or in a separate tin
  9. Whole Earth & Sea Bars (the only “bars” I have if I’m in a pinch)
  10. Go Mango! dried mango strips and/or raw nuts (in case there’s a long layover and I’m starved.)
  11. A whole avocado (grab a plastic knife from the airport) and brown rice crackers or GF crackers (ditto above) or Juice Press Avocado Toast
  12. Digestive enzymes (for heavy meals out)
  13. Magnesium (to keep regular on the trip)

In My Checked Bag

  1. AirMax 97’s (for runs on the beach or exploring the sights)
  2. Dry-brush to keep lymphatic drainage going
  3. Korean loofah mitt (gives a boost of circulation in the shower)
  4. Dr. Bronners Peppermint body wash (never leave home without it)
  5. Spectrum Coconut Oil for beach days (has natural spf 4) in the sun and HoneyGirl Organics After Sun Lotion
  6. Ursa Major SPF Face Lotion
  7. A small baggies of Epsom salts to for a body scrub with the coco oil the first day I arrive to decrease water retention from plane
  8. Dark sea salt chocolate for when I’m feeling nibbly in the late at night hotel room

Tips for the Trip…

  1. Make sure you amp up on the green Juice before your flight, even if you have to chug it before security! The more alkaline your system is the better since flying is super acidic.
  2. When flying, digestion essentially stops because of the pressurized cabin and high altitude so the less heavy we eat the better. If it’s a short flight try to just do the lemon and water, if you need something more, stick to raw fruits and veggies. Longer flights add in avocado toast but avoid plane food be strict with food combining to minimize bloat.
  3. If you’re going to a beachy destination, get in the sun and ocean! The most alkaline forces on the planet and will immediately reset your system 🌞