SINCE I WAS YOUNG, MIAMI HAS BEEN CONSIDERED A SECOND HOME. It’s one of my favorite cities and the place where I feel the most vibrant, thanks to the sun, air and ocean. It helps that I have an arsenal of favorite healthy spots that help keep me on my A-game. I’m always looking for off the beaten path (aka non-tourist traps) where locals favor since that’s simply the Bonberi vibe. But I’ve revealed my list below cause they’re too good not to share.


  1. Juice and Java

The O.G. Bonberi health joint. It’s simple, vibrant health food at its best. No gimmicks. Just clean, fresh salads, juices, smoothies and more.

What I order:

-the quinoa salad, no feta add avocado

-H-life Juice

-açaí bowl

-avocado wrap on gluten-free tortilla

-tropical fruit salad


2. Pura Vida

This oceanfront hole in the wall makes the best açaí bowls and green juices on South Beach. It’s my breakfast spot of choice. Could literally have it every day and I do.

What I order:

-signature açaí bowl

-green juice

-vegan banana bread

-vegan chocolate chip cookies (to die for!!)

-avocado toast on sourdough bread

3. La Sandwicherie

Also O.G. South Beach, a legendary staple.

What I Order: I get the veggie sandwich with the works. (Jalapeño, extra dressing, veggies and avocado.) it’s not gluten free but the sandwich is so packed and filling. It’s perfect to take on a beach or boat day.

4. My Ceviche

So bright and fresh, it’s Latin food at its finest without the fancy frills. I always order this on the beach or go for an afternoon snack.

What I Order:

-chopped salad, no cheese

-tortilla chips and guac

-double order grilled corn, no cheese

-ceviche with only veggies (or fish if you’re not vegan)


  1. Mandolin Aegean Bistro

Possibly one of my favorite restaurants in the world, run by the lovely Anastasia Koutsiokus, it’s like you’ve been transported to the Greek isles in the beautiful garden restaurant with Super Fresh local ingredients and delicious options.

What I Order:

-Village salad

-Marouli salad

-Greek dips with crudite

-Tarama with crudite

-Grilled whole fish with spinach

2. Sushi Samba

Some might call it passé, but I love coming here to Lincoln Road to people watch and have my favorite meals. I swear if tastes better in Miami. I don’t order the sushi! See below for my fave staples.

-the raw vegan salad with shaved vegetables

-coconut rice (the BEST coconut rice)

-sautéed garlicky collard greens

-black beans

-purple potato mash

3. Books and Books Cafe

It may seem funny that I’m listing a bookstore as a favorite restaurant, but they only source local, organic plant-based ingredients and it’s fun for a casual family dinner on Lincoln Road.

What I Order:

-Vegan ancient grains burger with sweet potato fries

4. Lido Grill at the Standard

It’s so pretty to watch the boats go by on the bay at this al fresco spot. All the dishes are mostly gluten free and plant-based. Make sure you hit the spa before.

What I Order:

-crudite platter with green goddess dressing

-artichoke fries

-kamut spaghetti with pesto (no cheese)

-grilled corn


Tropical Vinyasa

I love the lofty open air studio and vibe of this yoga spot. So low key and not intimidating. Make sure you take Paul’s class.

Green Monkey

A Miami yoga factory, they host a variety of classes. I love that they assist in hand stands and offer a variety of levels.

Russian Baths

Definitely no frills, this is a self-care must if you have the time. Endless saunas, steam rooms, ice plunges and a fresh Juice bar, it’ll revive any travel woes or cure a night out.

Other spots I love:

-The Spa at the Standard

-Toni’s sushi

-Huahua’s Mexican

-Planthouse at the 1 Hotel


-Alchemist for the best clothing and accessories. Obsessed with their new private label Baja sweaters and sweatshirts