“SEVERAL YEARS AGO, I STARTED MAKING SOME SHIFTS TO CLEANER LIVING,” SAYS CLAIRE DISTENFELD OLSHAN, FOUNDER OF UPTOWN LIFESTYLE BOUTIQUE, FIVESTORY. “Whether it was a ritualistic meditation practice, a much more mindful mindset of where my food was being sourced or studying a more Eastern tradition of health in every sense of the word. “What I think everyone can attest to is that once you make these shifts, feeling good and feeling healthy is addictive and one is always trying to find another pocket in their life to give them that feeling.” To wit, Olshan has expanded her wares from cult labels like Rosie Assoulin and Off-White to include an assortment of highly curated nontoxic beauty products in collaboration with New England-based clean beauty retailer Follain. “I actually was never a person who focused on beauty and I definitely was not a person who focused on what was in my beauty products,” continues Olshan. “So it was inevitable I would start to become curious about clean beauty.” Below, we caught up with the soon-to-be mama on her favorite products, how her pregnancy has affected her own diet and the supplements she swears by.

Photos by Jeffrey Rose

What are your top 3-5 hero beauty products you’ve found at Follain?

May Lindstrom Blue Cocoon

Dry skins one of those nasty annoyances that can go from minor to very painful. This cream is the only thing that really combats those super cyclone bomb like days where you feel like your skin might be screaming for help! In the winter I use it day and night.

Tata Harper Regenerating Cleanser

A real brightening cleanser that not only cleans the skin but makes it looks healthier and gives it a more even tone.

Vintner’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum

Another weapon against these silly negative numbers in our weather app. I put this on right after showers and before the blue cocoon for extra moisture.

Schmidt’s Rose Vanilla Deodorant Stick

At some point or another in the day we all smell, and while I’ve actually always gone au natural my whole life just excepting my stinky fate (mostly because I found the ingredients in regular deodorants were toxic and the natural ones never worked). I love this deodorant. For one, it works and for two, it doesn’t have that obnoxiously strong aroma that’s either baby powder or an Elevator or a Las Vegas Hotel. It’s subtle and fresh and perfect.

French Girl Organics Sea Polish

Scrubbing off dead skin cells is not usually on your daily to-do list ….. but it can be ! I leave this in the shower and use it 3x a week and moisturize right after for super soft skin.

Congratulations on your impending arrival!! How would you describe your approach to your diet currently?
Well the first three months–when “morning sickness” was the worst misnomer I have ever come across–were basically Monster Mode, where there was no carb left in sight. So like a lot of woman who feel that type of all day nausea, you just can’t help but eat bagels, potatoes and pretzels all day and have a hard time exercising, which to no surprise doesn’t keep you slim and trim, to say the least. But now I really feel great so my philosophy is that to continue feeling great one should do light, relaxing and enjoyable exercise 4-5 times a week and eat as clean as possible.

Do you have any non-negotiables you abide by?
One big rule I have is to listen to your body and what it wants. If you see someone eating a burger and in that moment you kind of want to punch them in the face and steal it, then go girl! Get yourself a burger! But make sure it’s grass-fed and the ingredients are high quality. Same goes for ice cream and cookies, which are my weakness.

Has being pregnant changed your approach/philosophy to nourishing yourself? 
Being pregnant has slowed me down a bit and made me more conscious of my time, which has been a delight.

I’ve seen on Instagram you’re loving soups right now. What’s your go-to blend?
I’m obsessed with peas right now. Pea protein, pea soup, mashed peas literally I cannot get enough. I make a pea soup with green split peas, carrots, celery, zucchini, cauliflower, olive oil, salt, pepper, lemon juice and garlic.

Are there certain things you avoid in your diet and if so, why?
Right now I’m not really on the “not allowed” train but I think as I get bigger I will have to be conscious on my sodium intake. I hate feeling puffy!

What’s your workout regimen looking like these days?
Lot’s of Physique 57 and yoga. They just feel really good on a pregnant body.

As for self-care, what treatments are you loving right now? 
Acupuncture for me is a very important practice–Angela Lee is my guru. Tracy Martyn and Jtav for facials. Follain for all my products obviously. MNDFL for sound baths and guided meditation. And I’m going to Irani for lymphatic drainage.

Take us through a day in the life of drinks/meals from morning until bedtime.
In the morning, I get super weird–like kimchi and seaweed anchovy soup. My darling sales person at Fivestory is Korean and said that when Korean woman get or trying to get pregnant all they drink is this seaweed anchovy soup with Kimchi, so she made me a batch and now I’m obsessed. If I have a breakfast meeting it’s always scrambled eggs with avocado.

For lunch, I have vegetarian sushi rolls with avocado and cucumber. Sometimes I’ll have some ikura because it’s my favorite. Or I’ll have grilled wild salmon, sautéed vegetables and quinoa. Lately i’ve been going to Le Botaniste and making a beet caviar and seaweed tartar bowl, which has been amazing. When you get pregnant, a very common assurance is your thyroid slows down, which will then force your doctor to put you on a daily thyroid medication. Being that I hate taking any type of medication, sea vegetables are a great way to help a thyroid because they are rich in iodine as is rhodiola and ashwaganda.
For dinner, my perfect combo is my pea soup with Juice Press’ Kelp me summer Noodles mixed with Shiritaki Angel Hair Tofu noodles. That said, sometimes I also just need a good steak or burger and french fries.

What supplements do you take and why are you loving them?
Lots of adaptogens, Reishi and cordycepts depending on what function I am looking for. Folate and Vitamin D for the baby. Calm magnesium powder at night, which is great for relaxation and sleep.