I’VE GOTTEN SO MANY QUESTIONS ABOUT WHERE I ORDER IN, WHAT I ORDER IN AND HOW I ORDER IN, IT’S TIME FOR A FULL POST TO ANSWER ALL THOSE QUESTIONS AND GIVE YOU GUYS A FOOD-COMBINING CHEAT SHEET WHEN IT COMES TO NYC TAKEOUT. During this pregnancy, I’ve ordered takeout much more than I usually do. Blame it on running around after a 2-year-old while pregnant, hormonal exhaustion or just pure laziness, there are certainly a handful of restaurants that I rely on with specific orders so I make sure I still thrive even if I’m not cooking it myself. That said, I always know cooking for myself is best so I save these for those rainy Friday or Sunday nights when the thought of boiling water makes me sleepy. See below!

For Indian…

MALAI MARKE (I also love their sister restaurant Chola uptown and order pretty much the same thing)

My Order:

Bhindi Sasuralwali (Vegan Dry-fried okra)

Pumpkin Sabji (Vegan, ask with no sugar)

Lemon Rice

Coconut Rice

Chana Saag (Chickpeas with pureed spinach and ginger, ask for no cream or dairy)

Baigan Bharta (Smoked eggplant puree, ask for no cream/dairy)

Rasam (spicy tomato/lentil soup)


They don’t offer salad so I always get a couple of heads of romaine or red leaf lettuce and use that for wrapping and dipping the various curries and rice. It’s so yummy and fun to eat.


For Chinese…


Mango/Arugula Salad w/ Yuzu Vinaigrette (ask for no mango, more arugula)

Crunchy Vegetable Steamed Dumplings (ask for gluten free)

Five Vegetable Steamed Dumplings (ask for gluten free)

Soft & Crunchy Vegetable Rice (no goji berries and ask for gluten free)

Sauteed Snow Pea Leaves (ask for gluten free)

Tip: Same goes here, I don’t love their salad here so if you have romaine leaves or big lettuce leaves, I’ll use those to make fried rice lettuce cups. When ordering from Chinese restaurants, always ask for NO MSG. If you’re unsure of what to order at your local Chinese, just go with a double order of steamed broccoli and brown rice. I like to add my own romaine leaves and avocado at home and dress with gluten-free Tamari dressing. Actually one of my favorite dinners. 

For Middle Eastern…


Garden salad (no feta) with or without falafel (it is fried, so if I’m craving it I’ll get it but usually not)

Hummus (no extra oil on top)

Babaganoush (no extra oil on top)

Lentil Soup


Tip: I like to make a mixed plate of all the salads and dips. I forgo the pita since I find non-fermented wheat bloating. 

For Pizza…


House salad (no dressing, I dress with lemon and olive oil at home)

V is for Vegan Pizza (ask for gluten free crust, then I add a load of crushed chili pepper or smokey Urfa Beiber pepper)


Make-Your-Own Pizza: Gluten free-crust / vegan ricotta / spinach / shitake mushrooms / Vidalia onion



Arugula Salad (no cheese)

Fennel Salad (no oranges)

Vegana Pizza

Tip: I actually opt for the non-gluten free crust since it’s so delicious but they do make the best GF crust out there if you’re in the market for one! One fun thing to do with pizza is literally dump your salad on top of pizza and eat your salad as a topping. Don’t knock it til you try it! 

For Mexican…


Guac & Chips

Rice & Beans (no cheese)

Corn Esquites (no cheese)

Black bean and Sweet Potato tacos (no cheese)

Avocado tostada (my fave!! but ask for no chese)

Tip: I usually just have a bunch of lettuce that I add on top or eat before for my salad since they don’t offer one. This order is a good foundation for any Mexican restaurant. If they have a salad, go for that, the guac and chips and salsa, rice and beans and any veggie tacos! Mexican is my favorite way to order vegan, just make sure you ask for no cheese or sour cream 🙂

For Korean…

HANGAWI (will Postmates)

Avocado Lettuce salad with Carrot Ginger Dressing

Carrot Ginger Juice

Zen Bibimbap with Mountain Greens

GF Kale Pancakes

Vermicelli Delight

Spicy Kimchi Soup

Tip: Go for a date night, the ambiance is amazing and truly one of my fave restos in NYC. Even a non-vegan will love it! If you order the way I do 😉 They give you plenty of kimchi to go with the meal too but you can always ask for extra 😉 Growing up with a Korean mother, I do crave it often but beware since most Korean restaurants use so much MSG, corn syrup and other additives unfortunately. This is one restaurant that does not. If you are picking another Korean restaurant, always ask if they can do things without MSG. 

For Health Food…


Chef’s Salad w/ tahini dressing

Burdock Salad

Rice Noodle Soup with Tahini Miso dressing, extra spicy sauce on side to mix in

Steamed Kabocha squash with tahini dressing

For Bagels…


Pumpernickel Bagel or Everything Whole Wheat Bagel with Vegan Herb Cream Cheese, Add:

Shaved Radish







For Sushi…


Mixed green salad (maybe two of these) with onion dressing

Hijiki Seaweed Appetizer

Red Miso Soup


4 Avocado Rolls (seaweed on the outside / extra wasabi)



Same as above 🙂  Note: This order really applies to any Japanese restaurant but I love these two the best because their rice is out of this world. Gari being the best 🙂 



Arugula and Quinoa Salad

Vegan Soup of the Day

Gluten-free crackers on the side instead of bread


Simple Greens Salad (remove the nut pate and toss), I like the miso or sesame dressings

Avocado Toast

Red Lentil Soup Large



Greek salad (no feta)

Roasted Beets & Gigantes Salad


Fava Spread

Side of Horta

Side of Lemon Potatoes

Tip: Their pita here is soo good so it’s hard not to resist, otherwise I just stick with the veggies and mix the spreads into the salad. If you want to do a protein night, keep the feta in the salad and don’t do the potatoes or pita. This is also my go-to order for any Greek restaurant really! All the salads, no cheese, all the non-dairy dips, horta and potatoes. Again with protein, just salads, non-starchy dips and a piece of grilled fish and horta. You can’t go wrong!