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SINCE HAVING KIDS, I’ve kind of become obsessive about finding the lightest, most convenient tote for the kids’ things. Less is more! Especially when you’re toting both a 1-year-old and 3-year-old. Thankfully I racked (incidentally my favorite place to shop) for the perfect changing bag that was utilitarian but also chic. I was thrilled to find Chloe made a version with their latest equestrian print, which actually had some sentimental significance. When I was still in college and working at my first summer internship job at Henri Bendel in the buying department, we had an appointment at Chloe. That was the season they launched their original horse print and I got to order my first designer piece ever. It was a big deal. A sleeveless sheer top boasting the now iconic brown horses. I treasured it and still own it to his day (in fact wearing it in the pics below!) Hopefully I’ll hold onto it long enough for Sea to wear too 🙂 See below for more on why I love this diaper bag!

Why have you chosen this particular bag?

I love this Chloe bag because it brings back the equestrian print that they did in the early 2000s — a nostalgic purchase for me as I still have a silk top with the same print on it. I also love how compact and lightweight it is compared to other bulky bags and it doesn’t actually look like the classic changing bag (which is certainly a positive thing).

What are the essentials that you carry for yourself and Sea in your bag?

I always have a few Bambo diapers (which are eco-friendly and made with bamboo), Water Wipes, Earth Mama Baby Balm and somethings for Sea to snack on like apple slices or dried mango. For me, I can’t live without Dr. Bronner’s lavender hand sanitizer spray and lip salve.

Where do you and Sea go for a fun day out?

We usually walk by the Hudson River now that it is summer in New York or just a stroll to our local playground so she can chase after her older brother Jude!


Why would you recommend investing in a designer diaper bag?

As our family grows, I am more aware of making sustainable investment purchases rather than buying into fast, disposable fashion. I know a well-made bag will last and be durable — that’s super important to me. It’s also super chic!

Will you continue to use your bag when you no longer need to carry diapers?

This style is so chic and such a classic design; I can definitely see myself using this as a travel bag for the weekend or even as a gym bag!


Is there any advice you’d give to first time parents when choosing the best changing bag?

Choose one that has a side pocket to place a bottle or sippy cup for quick access and focus on light materials as you will be packing it with heavy things inside. They should look for something that’s light-weight, soft and compact so you can squeeze it in under a stroller or in overhead compartments while traveling. I’m usually carrying so many bags. The last thing I need is something super heavy and bulky.