We are so lucky to live in an incredible city like New York, but with that comes the many contaminants that surround us all the time. Sadly, they do make their way into our homes, our water included. Avoiding toxins is a priority in our family, and we’ve experimented with several water filtration methods to help with this. Our primarily goal when hunting for a good filter was to find something that reduces the contact of plastics in our water and, of course, removes any additional impurities. Throughout the process, I’ve come to realize that honestly, nothing is easier than popping into our kitchen, turning on the sink, and being able to drink a glass of water straight from the tap (especially with little ones running around). This summer, I finally gave Radiant Life a shot, and started using the Radiant Life Direct Connect filtration system. I’m so excited that I did! It has made our water tasty and our life easy.

The new filter fit under my sink, connected to my faucet and hooked right into our current plumbing and fixtures- it made it easy for us to give it a try without making any big commitment or having the plumber pay a visit. We were able to do it totally on our own; it couldn’t have been easier. Once we got through the installation, I was quickly able to give it a try. After testing it out for a few weeks now, we already feel a difference in our water. It tastes and smells clean and I love that I can turn on the sink and hand my kids a cup of water without any worry about contamination. Radiant Life Direct Connect uses a filter called the AquaMetix- it contains multiple types of activated carbon, as well as silver, copper and zinc elements, which reduce contaminants, such as heavy metals, fluoride, and chlorine, to name a few. The mix of carbons and Zeolite minerals in the filter absorb impurities in the water, helping to prevent mineral build up, and in turn prolonging the life of our water system and pipes, while also reducing drinking water contaminants. 

When it came time to replace the filter, I was even more pleased! This process can often be exhausting, not to mention wasteful, but the Radiant Life filter was so simple to replace, and best of all, we only had to put in a new cartridge. The holder for the filter remains the same, allowing for so much less waste and avoiding any contact between the filter and plastic. Overall, I’m so excited to have our Radiant Life filter so far. Cheers to clean drinking water- and consider your own Direct Connect Water Filtration Unit from Radiant Life! I’m happy to share my discount code, NICOLE, to offer 10% off site-wide.

 This post has been sponsored by Radiant Life, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.