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“Can I make great clothes that work harder for me and are better for the planet?” Meet Veronica the founder of Everybody & Everyone, a sustainable and inclusive clothing line that proves we can help our planet and look good doing it! One of the first brands to create activewear in an eco-friendly way, Everybody & Everyone is forging a path for sustainable fashion using recycled fabric and partnering with green manufacturers as well as finding new ways to reduce staining and reduce the need to wash. Simply, “It’s a win-win: Less laundry = easier for you + better for the environment.” 

What inspired you to start Everybody & Everyone?

I grew up going to my father’s factories, asking why it was so dusty and so smelly. Then 6 years ago I started learning about sustainability, and once you learn about how polluting the fashion industry is, or that our mother earth is in a climate crisis, you cannot unlearn it.  I could not just sit back and relax. Over the past few years, I got exposed to the fascinating world of material science, where I soon realized that if we make things with care & consideration to people & planet, we can continue to create beautiful & useful things without depleting or harming our home. Clothes made from waste materials are already a reality, circular products are becoming real, and carbon neutral clothing shouldn’t be too far away. Our goal at Everybody & Everyone is to maximize the life and use of clothes and to minimize our impact on our planet, so that it makes life easier for everybody & everyone.

In addition to this, I grew up with all the pressures of being “model size”, but I never have been and I never will be. And I don’t think we should be defined by a size, and I don’t want people to have to grow up with the pressures of being a certain size, therefore we are inclusive in sizing, offering every item in US size 00-24 and hope to be able to increase our size range in the future. 


Was there one moment in particular that made you think, “I have to do something about this (the lack of sustainable clothing options out there)?

I did some solo traveling 6 years ago and visited some pretty majestic places – I was in awe of the beauty nature provides and it kind of struck me.  After that I started to learn more about sustainability, and specifically in the fashion industry. At that time there were really very few choices; one luxury brand or a few tiny players making very earthy clothes, really not my style. Now there are a lot more “sustainable” brands out there, but it frustrates me when brands are sustainable only in one element, such as using organic cotton, or creating one capsule collection. At E&E we do our best to consider every single step and every single element used in our products so the customer doesn’t have to.


Why do you think consumers are now just starting to pay attention to how their clothes are made? If they’re ethical and sustainable? Why do you think it took so long for consumers to come around?

The message is everywhere these days! In the media, documentaries, books, and influencers have all helped push this awareness.  I think it took so long because it was a matter of education… no one really thought about where clothes were from because clothes are a daily necessity.


Do you have a background in fashion? If not, what caused you to take the leap of faith into such a competitive industry?

Yes, my family has been in the industry for three generations and I grew up going to my father’s factories. My first business was bringing mass market American brands to China, where I launched 12 brands in the Chinese market and opened 1000 stores. Unfortunately, none of those businesses were eco-conscious. But since my awakening I have had the opportunity to lead investments into other sustainable brands such as and


Why was it important for you to partner with a non-profit organization, such as One Tree Planted? How were you able to get a third-party provider to agree to donate $1 for every purchase?

One of the best ways to protect our planet and to reduce C02 in the atmosphere is to plant trees. As a company we offset all our carbon emissions, but we wanted to encourage more people to donate to this cause. We partnered with One Tree Planted to make it easier for our customers to do so at checkout. The mode of One Tree Planted is $1 per tree and they were happy to work with us to bring this option to our customers.


Have you always been ethically and sustainably conscious when it comes to the food you eat, clothes you wear, and other items you purchase?

My trip 6 years ago ignited my curiosity and I began making more conscious choices; starting with food, then cleaning products, skin care, cosmetics, and finally clothing. Becoming pregnant with my twin boys 5 years ago shifted my consumption practices and fast-tracked my move towards more holistic choices as well.  


How do you relax and recharge after a long day? Any practices in particular that you can’t go a day without?

I try to meditate, but I don’t manage to get to it every day. Getting to be with my kids after a long day is the best balance for me!