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IMMUNITY IS A TERM WE KEEP HEARING THESE DAYS, especially with the current state of the world. One of our main focuses of the moment is likely around ways to boost it – luckily, that’s one of my main goals right now, too, not just for myself, but for my family! It can be tricky to know where to start when it comes to supplements with so many options out there, so I’ve rounded up a comprehensive list of my go-to’s below.


While supplements are great and super beneficial during these times, immunity for me has never quite been about what I’m taking in, but rather what I’m getting OUT. Remember detoxing about the removal of waste to help our bodies work more efficiently. Read: immunity boosting, energy to help combat outside factors including pollution, environmental toxins and viruses/bacterial infections. Nothing is a sure thing of course but my goal is to create as clean as a vessel as possible to help tip me and my family in the right direction.



I’m relying on mostly juicing in the morning and most of the day so I’m not exhausting my body’s energy to digest heavier foods. Instead to keep cells clean and alive for energy to run around two toddlers all day. This might change day to day but I always start with a green juice of kale, celery, apple and lately adding more lemon, ginger and turmeric, which are all anti-inflammatory.


It’s important me to bring oxygen to my body and release. So daily movement through a virtual workout class followed by 30 minutes min my  infrared blanket is key. Remember detoxing is not what goes in, it’s what goes out. If I’m not in the mood to workout, extra hot peroxide/epsom salt baths are a must.

Hot/Cold Therapy

During this quarantine to keep my immunity up, I’m breaking a sweat as much as possible, immediately followed by an ice cold shower. This alternating of hot and cold expands the cells and the cold squeezes them tight, think of a wet towel wringing out! The hot/cold therapy helps boost the immune system, mood, tones skin and boosts metabolism… all amazing benefits to keep me feeling my absolute best!

Eat Plants

Most of my diet has been plant-based and actively avoiding processed foods (even the “healthy” ones) since whole foods are simply easier to digest and contain way less sodium and oils than man-made foods. I’ve also been focusing on keeping 2-3 days a week grain-free to give my body a rest. I love grains but some times they tend to be mucous/yeast forming and because I’m moving less during this quarantine, it feels good to omit them a couple times a week.


As always loving Gabby Bernstein’s meditations on iTunes. Eckhart Tolle has been sharing very sage videos that have immediately calmed me.


Dance to your fave tunes, watch your favorite rom com, “bad” reality show, get silly and give yourself a news limit. Stress has a big impact on our overall wellness and I’ve quickly learned to curb that habit for my own well-being.

And now that brings us to the boosters! Think of these as the cherry on top rather than your bulletproof vest. Here’s to hoping the supplements below can help you and your loved ones stay well!

Edited by Abbey Rogowski

Nutri Biotic Sodium Ascorbate Vitamin C

Why I Love It: Vitamin C provides antioxidant protection to the immune system – it also maintains the health of blood vessels, tissue, cartilage, bones, eyes, and other organ systems. It can be tough to get enough Vitamin C through food, so this is an automatic win for myself and the fam!

Nutri Biotic Sodium Ascorbate Vitamin C












Jarrow Formulas – Selenium Synergy

Why I Love It: This antioxidant-rich immune booster is vital for protecting cells from damage and super helpful if you don’t tend to eat many selenium-rich foods, such as brazil nuts, fish, beef, chicken, etc.

Selenium Synergy











Larix Powder

Why I Love It: Under-the-radar immunity booster our pediatrician recommends. It’s a powder that’s scentless and tasteless so I add it to our kids water during cold season.

Eclectic Institute












Pure Encapsulations – Zinc Liquid

Why I Love It: This more easily-absorbed form of Zinc is a must for me, especially when it comes to boosting immunity and reducing inflammation. Zinc also has powerful antioxidant properties, which is something we can all use a little extra help with!


pure encapsulations liquid zinc











Essential Formulas – Dr. Ohira’s Probiotics

Why I Love It: Based on ancient Japanese tradition, this three-year fermented probiotic blend is crucial for my digestion. Quick reminder that consistent digestion is absolutely essential for a healthy immune system! Bonus, this one is shelf stable so it doesn’t need to be refrigerated.

Ohira Probiotics








Oxygen Wellness Co – H2O2

Why I Love It: I throw it in detoxifying baths and cleaning vegetables. 1-3 tbsp. to 1 gallon of water. Caution: Food Grade Peroxide 12% or higher is very strong and will burn your skin so use with caution and keep out of kiddos reach! It works as a cleanser by raising the blood oxygen levels throughout the entire body, breaking down toxins along the way.





















Mary Ruth Organics Immunity Gummies & Vitamin C Gummies

Why I Love It: Mary Ruth is a staple in our house for so many reasons – they’re not only easy to get the kids to eat, but we can trust their ingredients and quality without question! My favorites are the Immunity and Vitamin C Gummies.

mary ruth immunity gummies











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Mega Foods Elderberry Gummies

Why I Love It: Elderberry is absolutely essential when it comes to keeping immunity up, and what easier way to take it than in gummy form?! Fully plant-powered and with a little extra zinc added, I can’t say no to this one.

megafoods elderberry gummies











Why I Love It: When I feel any kind of cold/sickness coming on, this is a go-to: just 5 drops, 5x a day. It’s a game-changer and works quickly.











Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C (1,000 mg)

Why I Love It: I absolutely swear by this when I feel sickness coming on! It’s all-around detoxifying, oxygenating, and has the ability to balance the body’s pH levels – all necessary for a thriving immune system.

Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C