My Kitchen Essentials

Whether it’s making my daily family green juice, Bonberi green smoothie or meals for the week. This is my go-to list of appliances, tools, pots and pans that I use on the daily and that I think any kitchen would benefit from! I work out of a small NYC kitchen so counterspace and productivity is essential so these are my tried and true!

Non-Stick Non-Toxic Pan

Our Place Pan
Non-stick non-toxic pans are all the rage right now. And I totally get it! No one wants your weekend pancakes folding into a sticky mess. I typically prefer to use stainless steel for sauteing and everyday but I do love a non-stick pan for things like pancakes etc. But actually my favorite thing about this pan is the steamer basket that fits right into the pan so it’s great for steaming veg. The pan is also deep enough to cook pasta!

Food52 has always been a huge resource of mine for recipes. Now that they’ve launched their new cookware line, “Five Two”, I’m all in! I also love their non-stick pans for quick sautes. 

Le Creuset
This pot was the first big investment I made in my kitchen over ten years ago and it’s still an absolute favorite. I use it most for soups and stews but really it’s a timeless staple that you’ll use again and again. 

Cast-Iron Pan
Also a major investment to any mature kitchen, this is not only amazing for searing and bringing nuanced flavor to your meals, it’s also a beautiful centerpiece to your stove. The brand I love, which is tried and true, is Lodge. They do take a bit of TLC when caring for them but they’ll last literally a lifetime. Watch this IG highlight on how to properly clean it, courtesy of my husband 🙂

Traditional Stainless Steel
Amazing for sautéing, stainless steel is definitely my go-to for everyday cooking. I registered for an entire set for my wedding and it’s probably my most-used gift ever!

Breville Toaster Oven
Don’t knock the toaster oven! Believe it or not but I use this more than my actual oven! Amazing for roasting and baking, you name it!


Because everyone needs to zest on the reg – I use it mainly for citrus, ginger, garlic, etc. I love to add all of these to dressings, soups and over roasted veg.

Wooden Spoons
I have several long wooden spoons for sautéing, stirring, you name it. I much prefer these than silicone tools because they are natural, non-toxic and beautiful. 

Mini Food Processor
I use this mini food processor by Cuisinart SO much for dressings, sauces, dips. It’s such a hard little worker bee. I have a larger one too for bigger dishes but this little guy is so helpful when you want to make a quick creamy dressing.

Box Grater
Traditionally used for cheese, I actually use this a ton for veggies. You can use the various sides as needed. I love to grate carrots or zucchini on here to add to soups, pasta sauces and also to make veggie burgers. It’s quick, easy and super effective when you want a fine, shredded consistency. 

Zwilling and Wusthoff Knives
These are the stars when it comes to high quality kitchen knives in my opinion. I would definitely consider investing in a set and don’t forget to consistently sharpen your knives! 

Kitchen Scissors 
Don’t estimate a quality pair of kitchen shears. Like any good Korean home cook, I use them for everything, snipping herbs, cutting long noodles, they are probably my most used utensil in the kitchen! 

Other Essential Tools

 Silicone Brush
For brushing oil on veg, pre-cooking!

Pizza Cutter
For your at-home pizza nights!

I love to use this for smashed potatoes, etc.

An obvious must-have for cooking, baking, everything!

Because we all need a good pair or two!

Soup Ladles
For soups (obvi), stews, pasta… the list goes on!

Essential for baking, but I love the small ones for making dressings!

Amazing for spiralizing veg!

Self explanatory – everyone needs a solid strainer!

Mixing Bowls
All the sizes for all your needs – dressings, mixing salads, guac/dips, etc.

Instant Pot
A game-changer for quick, easy meals that you can make in a pinch!

Philips Air Fryer
Latest obsession in my house – throw potatoes or veggies in there to change things up!


Breville Fountain
Breville has been my #1 for years – this juicer has been with me through it all. It can easily withstand my daily juicing without question! 

Elite Blendtec
Love this blender for my daily green smoothie and all the sauces/dips.