WE FIRST MET KERRILYN PAMER WHEN SHE AND BUSINESS PARTNER CINDY DIPRIMA OPENED UP THEIR NOW CULT NATURAL BEAUTY SHOP CAP BEAUTY IN OUR WEST VILLAGE NEIGHBORHOOD. The jewel box of a shop instantly became a Mecca for clean beauty junkies looking for nontoxic makeup, potions and lotions. This past year, the pair opened their second location on the West Coast and since opening shop a few months ago, Pamer has made Cali her home. The landscape of the West Coast speaks so intensely to me,” says Pamer. “I love the desert, I love the mountains and I love the beach. The light here is truly magical, I find myself wowed by it daily. I didn’t think that I would love the weather as much as I do, after all, I’m from Oregon, but the sun effects my mood in a profound and lifechanging way.” On the eve of the launch of their first book, High Vibrational Beauty, we caught up with Pamer who opened up her West Coast blackbook and revealed her wellness must-visits when visiting La La Land.

What inspired you to make the official jump across the coast?
I moved from Oregon to NYC 23 years ago and have been feeling the pull of the West Coast for many years now. With the opening of our LA store it became the right time to take the plunge. I didn’t realize how much I missed it until we made the move in August. I truly love it here.

What are your favorite things about living on the West Coast that the East Coast doesn’t have? Are there certain things you miss about NYC?
Nature. Light. (Not that New York doesn’t have nature and light, but it feels different out here to me!) Asia. Japan in particular. I read something recently that really resonated with me. It was a conversation about designing the new Tartine Manufactory in SF but I can’t remember for sure. They were talking about the difference between the coasts in regards to design and they made the comment that West Coast design is more oriented to Asia whereas East Coast design is more associated with Europe. I’ve been heavily drawn to Japan since I was young and I think this might be one of the reasons I feel so inspired by California.

What do you miss most about NYC?
Mainly my friends. Luckily I travel back every 5 weeks so I get to catch up and have quality time together. I also miss the pace, the human contact, and the energy that runs through NYC. It’s palpable and addictive and I loved it for many years, but as I get older, a slower pace serves me and my nervous system better. But I am lucky that I get to tap into both energies often.

What ‘s the best farmer’s market? What produce/veggies/fruit are you loving that are local to the LA area?
Lord, they’re all so good! We live around the corner from the Brentwood one, so that’s become our Sunday ritual. But when I can make it to the Santa Monica Wednesday market it’s a real treat. It’s like another world, everything is beautiful and intriguing and the people growing and selling here are the real deal and so committed. I love it. But if you can hit any of the markets in LA, you won’t be disappointed. The food out here is beyond.

Any favorite stalls/purveyors?
I’m loving the citrus, the avocados and am sad that we are out of persimmon season. Another true love is anything from Dave’s Korean.  I think his food is at almost all the markets but if not, you can pick some stuff up at Erewhon. Definitely leave with the tempeh, kimchi and gyoza. And grab some Vegan Mario’s bread while you’re there. And some Dark Horse Organics. Get them all.

Favorite place for breakfast/brunch meetings?
I love Gjusta, Blue Bottle Coffee and Erewhon.

What are your top 3 favorite self care spots in LA?
I’m in love with Anna’s treatment at Ricari Studios. She’s a brilliant lymphatic bodyworker and I’ve seen amazing results from her sessions. Anna also introduced me to the amazing Thai massage at The Raven. Thai massage is one of my favorites, and this place is fantastic. Another friend recommended me to Peter Evans, an energy worker. I’ve never in my life experienced anything like it. I truly don’t have words to describe the session. If you can make it in, you should, but know that it’s not for the faint of heart. This is deep, intense, and profound work.

Favorite workout spot?
I love Modo Yoga, Love Yoga and hiking in Temescal Canyon.

Favorite place to grab a healthy lunch?
I’m late to this party but I’ve been loving Sweetgreen in Brentwood. Easy, healthy and right down the street.

Favorite restaurant for date night?
My husband and I love Satdha Thai. It’s not sexy but the food is so, so good. Plant based Thai food that is better than all the Thai. And we always stop by Kippy’s Ice Cream on the way home.

Any other must-know spots that are off-the-beaten path for New Yorkers to know?
I just mentioned Kippy’s, but it’s worth mentioning again. Coconut ice cream with toppings like bee pollen, cacao nibs, magic shell made from honey, cacao and coconut oil. This woman is a genius.

There’s a health food store in Joshua Tree that has an item that I love, sunflower seeds that are sun roasted with Sel Gris in the desert. You can pick them up there or ask a friend who is heading that way. These days it seems that everyone is spending the weekend in the desert so you should be in luck.

On the east side is a great Mexican restaurant in a converted gas station called Salazar’s. I’ve only been once but it seems like a great place for a group of people to go.

We also love Botanica and honey hi but they’re a bit far from where we live so we don’t go as often as we’d like. But they’re great if you’re on that side of town. Also, cookbook market on the east side is fantastic.

Favorite juice/smoothie spot?
Moon Juice is my jam. Or Erewhon. Or our kitchen.