THE WAY I FEEL AFTER A WORKOUT, it’s all I need to do because I feel amazing for the rest of the day,” Arielle Nachmani explains after an hour-long sculpting session with her trainer Mike Garcia of Centermind Fitness. The fashion blogger of Something Navy and owner of e-shop Shopgrl, recently started posting workout videos on her Instagram feed that once showed a well-edited array of meticulously-planned outfits and eye-popping accessories. Well received, the workout videos broadened her base by showing how a young entrepreneur maintains her busy schedule by investing time in her well-being. Like many women, Nachmani was also inspired by her recent engagement to amp up her fitness regime. “I worked out before but I wasn’t as motivated as I am now.” She continues, “It started to become a mindset, it wasn’t even about the wedding anymore.” Below, the blogger-turned-online shop girl shares her fitness and style secrets with bonberi.

How did Something Navy come about?
Something Navy is a personal style blog I started six years ago as a hobby. I never thought it would ever be something that I would have now. Once instagram became huge, I realized what it was that girls really loved which is food, weight, health, and fashion. I wanted to incorporate all that into the site. I’m trying to change it now and bring in fitness to compliment that.

You recently started posting your workouts, where did the fitness component come from?
I got engaged. I worked out before but I wasn’t as motivated as I am now. I was introduced to Bari and I loved it. They had a pop up a block away from where I live. I liked the class, but then the pop up closed, so I started working out with the trainer my fiancé Brandon boxes with every week. When we got engaged, we had the idea to have a destination wedding. I really wanted to prepare my body and be in shape for that. It started to become a mindset, it wasn’t even about the wedding anymore. The way I feel after a workout, it’s all I need to do because I feel amazing for the rest of the day, and I feel good about anything I eat or drink. I know that I did good for my body that day.

How often do you work out?
Three to four times a week for an hour. There are also things I do in my apartment if I’m just hanging out after work and my fiancé isn’t home. I’ll watch TV and lay on the floor and do planks and side planks. You see your body toning when you do that. When you lift up your shirt during a plank, you’ll see your obliques cutting.

What’s your fitness style?
I like to wear bright colors. It makes me hyped up. If I wear all black I mean business, like it’s Monday morning, let’s do this! Thursday before the weekend I’m wearing bright colors. It’s more fun.

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What’s your philosophy when it comes to fitness, food, well being?

I honestly don’t think that there is a philosophy for everyone, I think it’s different for every person and their body types. I have a fast metabolism so I never worried about food, but now I worry about it health wise. I want to be healthy and know what I’m putting into my body. Honestly, I have ten meals a day. They aren’t huge but I like to eat when I’m hungry and I don’t stuff myself till I’m uncomfortably full. I just have a bunch of meals when I’m hungry. I never leave the house without water, I’m obsessed with drinking water. I probably drink eight bottles a day. I swear my hair, my skin, everything has changed since I started doing that. It’s been three months.

Where did you learn about that?
I learned from Mike, my trainer. His biggest things are: carbs, have as much as you want until 6:30pm, after that eat lean protein like grilled chicken, fish, and eggs. He always says to eat egg whites and lot of fiber, and to drink a ton of water.

What’s a typical day like for you?
I get up around 7am and have a Nutrigrain bar, I buy all the flavors, I love them. It fills me up just enough to go downstairs and workout for an hour. At first I was worried because I wasn’t doing any cardio, but Mike said that as long as you don’t break in between all the things you do, it’s the same thing as getting a cardio workout, because your heart rate is up. I’m looking to tone not to lose weight. After I shower, I make a big breakfast, either a bagel with lox spread or chocolate chip pancakes. I cook a lot. I go to work at my office, and for lunch I’ll go to Lena Latin Grill, they have amazing salads and coconut rice with mushrooms and hearts of palm. I usually get a snack between lunch and dinner, sometimes I indulge with Swedish Fish or a peanut butter cup, but if I want something healthy I’ll have a Fage Greek yogurt with strawberries. It’s so good. For dinner I’ll meet Brandon for sushi or I’ll cook. I make eggplant parmesan, but I use panko breadcrumbs to keep it lighter. If I make pasta I use whole wheat pasta. For dessert I love ice cream.

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I heard you put your fiancé on a wedding diet, can you tell us about it?

It’s never good to put a guy on a diet where they don’t feel full. He needs to eat and feel full. If he doesn’t, I’ll go to sleep and he’ll come into the kitchen and eat. He’s not a bad eater, he just eats a lot, so for snacks I’ll chop up peppers with balsamic vinegar on the side. They are so good for you, and they burn fat while you are eating them. In the morning he has Raisin Bran here, and when he gets to the office he’ll have an egg white omelet with vegetables and a low-fat cheese. He doesn’t eat carbs at all, and he’s always been like that. He doesn’t have salt either. He loves sushi, but not crazy rolls. He’ll eats a lot of protein. For guys, if you give them more meat, more protein, they don’t need the bread.

Is there anything you make that he asks for?
My eggplant parmesan, he’s obsessed with it. We just started Blue Apron, we got it as a engagement gift and we have it for a month. Three days a week they send us three different meals.

Do you do most of the cooking?
Yes, but it depends. Sometimes he’ll go crazy in the kitchen and get really creative and cook.

What are your fitness and health goals for 2014?
I really want to build my core. I have back problems, and I sit at a desk all day. When I work with my trainer I’m always trying to build strength in my core because it does make my back feel better. Also, it works with your nervous system. Working with your core eases anxiety and makes you calm. When you get a nervous stomach, it’s because your weaker in you core, but when you build up strength there, you are able to handle more and you don’t have the same symptoms of nervousness you may have experienced before. My trainer taught me all about that and I’ve noticed a difference. I really want to try yoga too.

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Do you have a non negotiable for the day?

I take a bubble bath everyday. It’s very calming and relaxing for me. I go into the bath with my cell phone and I just hang out. I light candles and close the door and sit in there for 30 minutes at the end of the day. I get into bed at around 9pm and watch my shows and I’m asleep by 10:30pm. I’m definitely a morning person.

Since you started doing the workout videos, how do you deal with the haters?
It motivates me more. It’s coming from a place of insecurity and I know it’s not really about me. I never acknowledge it or respond. I’ve had my blog for six years and my weight has never changed. So, if you’ve been following me from the beginning, you know this is my weight. Also, if you look at my family we are all very thin, it’s genetics and I have a fast metabolism. I don’t want to show on my feed the food I’m taking in and not show the exercise I’m doing to compliment it. I want to show girls that even at my weight I want to be healthy and work out and eat the right foods. It’s ok to post a cheeseburger and ice cream, because we are normal we eat healthy and we eat bad. It’s ok to have dessert as long as you take care of yourself and exercise, I think your workout should be part of a daily routine. I didn’t think that until this year.

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Where did you lean that from?

My mom. Since I was twenty years old she would say to me, “Just find some way to make it a part of your life.” She’s always worked out everyday my whole life, and now that she is older, she is still in amazing shape. She has friends that call her with problems with their hip or back, and she says, “If they had just worked out, made it part of their life since they were younger, they wouldn’t have the issues with their bodies that are having now.” Their body would be stronger. Mentally it strengthens you too. Also, at a certain point, your body grows into itself and changes, and you start to settle into your true weight. Also when you have children, you want your body to bounce back, so preparing it for that, working out before you get pregnant, not just when you are pregnant or after you give birth.

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