Photos by Jeffrey Rose 

“WOMEN TEND TO BE THE GIVERS, THE MOTHERS, THE ONES THAT TAKE CARE OF OTHERS,” says Danielle Duboise from her light-filled downtown Manhattan loft curled up on the couch with her feisty pup, aptly named Zen. “Being pregnant has made me realize that I can only give as much as I give myself. My new motto is to fill up my cup with so much self care, love and joy, that I end up giving from the saucer–or the overflow–rather than depleting my supply.” This type of intuition has served the Sedona native well–since co-founding wildly successful Sakara Life, Duboise has represented the picture of wellness in the new millennium but with impending motherhood around the corner, she’s learning new lessons every day. After whipping up the most delish cacao mint smoothie with Sakara’s new plant-based Life Source protein powder at they debuted this week, Duboise, who is expecting her first child this summer welcomed us into her home to candidly talk nourishing herself while expecting, her health non-negotiable and the challenges that come with pregnancy.

How has your approach to your own self-care changed since becoming pregnant?
Self care felt like a luxury before pregnancy, but now it feels like a necessity. I’ve learned that self care (whether pregnant or not) should always be a top priority. I hope to keep this up post pregnancy too!

Did the way you nourish yourself change from trimester to trimester?
Ohhhhh yes. The 1st trimester, I was lucky if I got a piece of fruit in. I craved carbs and those were the only things I could keep down anyway. The 2nd trimester I felt back to myself and ate lots of Sakara food. Now that I’m in my 3rd trimester, food has become a bit less fun. As your uterus grows, it begins to push on your stomach, making eating a bit uncomfortable. Small meals are the trick!

What was the biggest challenge you’ve had during this pregnancy and how did you overcome it?
There really have been so many chapters, each with their own challenge. Early on, watching my body morph and change was the hardest part. I felt like I had to give myself the space to mourn my maiden self and surrender to the experience of letting my body belong to someone else. It was humbling and beautiful. It taught me how to love my body in a whole new way— not just for what it looks and feels like but because it can grow life!

Take us through a day in the life of meals currently?
For breakfast, I’ve been eating eggs+ raw goat cheese from an Amish farm upstate, I  relish in my Sakara Lunch (today was a Maitake mushroom salad with lentils) and dinner tonight, I’m making some of my homemade chili with avocado. Good fats are so important for skin, hair, nails, staying full and brain health. Can’t forget something sweet— for dessert, I’ll have a piece of dark chocolate with almonds.

Have you discovered any natural new baby/mama brands that you’re loving or excited to use?
My regimen before leans toward cleaner, natural products anyway, so I didn’t change any of the beauty products I use drastically. I will say I’ve been LOVING Booda Butter for keeping my belly nice and moisturized. I still use Vintners Daughter, True Botanicals, Skintegrity Tinted Moisturizer and Coola Lip Tint in Red on my face everyday.

What is one non-negotiable thing you do for your own health/well-being every day?
STRETCH!! It’s not a luxury at this point. If I don’t take time for movement in the morning, my whole day is off and my back aches by the time I hit the sheets. Even if I only have 5 minutes, I’ll still get some stretching in. If I have a little extra time, I’ll try one of Ballet Beautiful’s online videos. I love the arm one!

Best piece of advice you’ve received while expecting?
From my dear friend Dr Aviva Romm– “this baby is on her own journey. You can’t dictate it but only guide it. As a new parent, you’ll have more unlearning than learning to do. Be as gentle with yourself as you will be with her”

What supplements have you been taking during your pregnancy?
Synergy Prenatal, Magnesium, fermented cod liver oil, Sakara’s Probiotic Blend

Favorite “indulgent” meal or snack?
Rye toast with ghee and little salt!

If you could list one intention for your baby and growing family, what would it be? 
To be the type of family that always inspires one another.
Bonus!: One piece of advice, from one mama-to-be to the next: dressing for maternity wasn’t that easy for me. Everyday your body is a little different! Buy a pair of black maternity jeans early on (don’t wait!), get a pair of Storq leggings (they’ll take you from week 1 to post baby), grab a dress from Hatch and a robe from Helena Quinn. Those have been my essentials!


½ a medium banana (use frozen for extra creaminess)
1 handful spinach, washed
1 cup almond milk (or non-dairy milk of choice)
1 Tbsp healthy fat (try coconut oil, nut butter or seeds)
1 packet Sakara Life Source Powder

tablespoon of organic cacao nibs
a few sprigs of mint to blend + garnish
3–4 ice cubes
Optional: sweeten to taste with 1–2 tsp pure maple syrup or wildflower/manuka honey
Blend and enjoy!