Photos by Erin Falter

“I’D SAY BALANCE AND MODERATION ARE MY GUIDING PRINCIPLES,” SAYS JESSICA SISKIN FROM HER HOME/TREAT ATELIER IN NEW YORK CITY. “As I’ve gotten older, I think more about what I put in my body and try to eat nourishing food most of the time, but I also indulge in foods that don’t necessarily have much nutritional value, because I enjoy them.” If you’ve been on Instagram in the last year, you are sure to have seen Siskin’s work as her alias Mister Krisp, the one woman show who creates edible masterpieces made of, yes, you guessed it, Rice Krispies. An unlikely Bonberi candidate? Hardly. We sought Siskin out because A) Have you seen her work? and B) We wanted to know the answer to the obvious question–does she eat Rice Krispies treats all day? Below we caught up with the author of Treat Yourself to her frank approach to wellness, sugar highs and lows and the weirdest commission she’s ever received.

How would you describe your approach to your own health and well-being when it comes to nourishing yourself?
I love snacks, and because of what I do, I’m constantly meeting people in the dessert industry and trying their products.  If I feel like I haven’t had enough nutritious food on a given day, I’ll have a salad for dinner or grab a juice from Juice Press or Pressed Juicery in between meals. At the same time, if I’ve been healthy all day, I’ll have a fun dessert or make myself Rice Krispies treats.

You are the queen of treats! Being surrounded by sweets all day, how do you stay healthy without the sugar crash and burn? Do you keep healthy snacks on hand, if so what are your faves?
When I first started making treats full time, I ate them a lot. Now that I’m working with them every day, I don’t really find myself craving them that often, but when I do, I go for it. Usually if I’m making treats to eat myself, I’ll brown the butter or add peanut butter. I don’t keep a ton of snacks on hand since I truly don’t have much room in my kitchen to store things I don’t use to make treats, but peanut butter or hummus with some Mary’s seed crackers are my go-to snacks. And of course, I’m always down for a bowl of Rice Krispies with almond milk or oat milk. It’s the one thing I always have in my apartment.

What’s your go to breakfast and lunch? Does it change every day or do you have a set routine?
For breakfast I have coffee with almond or oat milk, and a peanut butter granola bar (I love the Peanut Butter Sea Salt Lenka bars.) For lunch, I’ll usually have a salad (I like to mix up what goes in it), avocado toast, or eggs (scrambled or soft boiled- I am obsessed with my Dash egg cooker). Recently I’ve also been experimenting with my single-waffle maker (also by Dash). So far my favorite creation has been my waffled peanut butter & granola sandwich. I guess my tendency to experiment with food doesn’t end with Rice Krispies Treats!

Do you like to take any vitamins or supplements? If so, what are your go-tos?
I’m really into gummy vitamins, since they satisfy my nostalgia for candy but also make me feel like a responsible adult who takes care of herself. I mix it up from day to day, but I always take my fruit-shaped multivitamin, then I’ll also add in fish oil gummies (shaped like fish), skincare gummies (with sea buckthorn) and energy gummies.

All your treats are naturally gluten-free, are there any things you avoid in your own diet?
Rice Krispies Treats are naturally gluten free, but a lot of the icings and decorating materials I use do contain a bit of gluten! I eat everything (except pork), but I try not to have meat too often and I try to limit dairy, too.

What is one non-negotiable thing you do everyday for your own health and well-being? Can be anything! Small or big!
I won’t go to bed without washing my face. Lately I’ve been really into Drunk Elephant products.

Favorite places to eat out in NYC?
Emily, Westbourne, Sadelle’s, KazuNori.

What are your favorite methods of self-care? (Bath, massage, acupuncture etc, if you have a fave practitioner)
Prioritizing sleep is important for me,. When I first started working from home I often felt guilty if I slept past 9, but once I realized that I actually put more work hours in at home than I ever did in an office, and they’re more productive because I’m more well rested, I began to feel a lot more comfortable setting my alarm later.

What’s your approach to fitness? Do you have a favorite workout?
I walk pretty much everywhere, and I take SoulCycle six days a week. I wear prescription glasses, and I take them off during class, so between the super-dark room and my terrible eyesight, I can’t see a thing and am able to pretty much disassociate. I never walk out of SoulCycle feeling the way I did when I walked in.

What is the most bizarre Mister Krisp request you’ve ever gotten to commission?
I get a lot of strange requests! A few years ago a zoo in Ohio requested a life size panda. I declined at the time, but as I’ve started working on bigger projects, I actually think I’d be able to do it.