BRIGHT, BUBBLY AND EIGHT MONTHS PREGNANT, Elyse Taylor greets us at the door of her light filled home in the East Village. The Victoria’s Secret model has just returned from her last job overseas and is happily settling into mother mode as she awaits the arrival of her soon-to-be born daughter Lila. The body’s transition from pregnancy back to natural weight can be a struggle for any woman, let alone one whose job demands being bikini-clad at a moment’s notice. “To see any change in your body, you need to be consistent with that diet for at least a month,” Taylor tells us over one of her specialties, red snapper baked in a spicy asian marinade. “That means no cheating. Really stick to it.” With plans to return to modeling soon after baby Lila is born, we got Taylor’s insider tips on slimming down and toning up while nourishing and caring for her body. How hard could it be, you ask? As she bluntly explains to bonberi, “There’s no secret, you just have to get off the couch and don’t eat the bread.”

What’s your daily routine like pregnant versus not pregnant?
When I’m not pregnant, it’s more intense. Back to juices I make in the mornings with super foods, a protein shake in the afternoon and workout to drop the weight. I eat a lot of fish and salads and workout for about an hour and a half everyday to stay in shape.

What type of exercise do you do?
I do an hour of pilates and 30 minutes of cardio. My cardio is running or power walking while watching Days of Our Lives. I also tried water aerobics when I became pregnant, it’s really hard, I’d come home and have to sleep.

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Where do you do pilates?

Andrea in the East Village, she teaches the Mitchell method. She is more a life coach then just a pilates instructor. She puts me on diet sometimes, but we chat a lot, she pushes me to not be lazy.

What kind of diet tips does she give you?
High protein to drop weight fast, stuff you already know, but she’ll give you ideas and recipes. She has like eight different ways to make turkey meatballs. She’s into animal protein.

Is that how you like to eat?
Not really, I’m more into fish, veggies and salads.

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Is there anything you cut out when preparing for a shoot or show?

Everything white. Cut it out. Also, it takes a month to get your body where you want it. To see any change in your body you need to be consistent with that diet for at least a month. And that means no cheating, like really stick to it. The first two weeks you can’t see the difference, but you just need to keep at it and stay on point and then once you see the difference you get excited and keep it going. And you can’t eat the breads or the sugar, the bad stuff. There’s no secret you just have to get off the couch and don’t eat the bread.

What did growing up in Australia instill in you health wise?
Well it’s very competitive there. From being pregnant and looking at activities for young kids, like swimming they have classes here but you’re not racing. When I was growing up we had Nippers which was little lifesavers, they teach you about the ocean and the tides and you have races, that competitive energy. Sydney where I grew up is very organic and healthy, they push for organic Australian-made local produce.

What about Beauty wise?
Paw Paw ointment everyone knows about, but the diet and lifestyle is very organic and local, plus you’re getting sun and always on the beach so you have a glow.

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What type of changes have you noticed since being pregnant?

I stuck to the pilates because it was easier on my body. I got sciatica and it was painful so at least I could do an exercise that was easy on my body and made me feel good. My lips got big, which I’m not too upset about. Hormonal changes, you get a bit crazy. I’ve been lucky I was able to work up until recently. Everyone complains because it’s nine months, but when she first kicks, and you realize it’s not gas, you just freak out. Now she moves so much, she’s doing flips, it’s pretty cool.

Do you have a self care regime you stick to?
For my stomach and the stretch marks, I started using the cocoa butter stick, you melt it down and rub it all over your body everyday twice a day. You stink and it’s messy, but it really works you won’t get a single stretch mark. A lot of it is genetics unfortunatly and how old you are when you give birth. Everyone gets the brown line down the center, it’s hormones. It’s supposed to go away after you give birth.

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Do you take any vitamins or supplements?

Reservitrol, which is collagen boosting. Sunwarrior protein powder in my smoothies. Probiotics, a multivitamin, Spirulina. Green Vibrance is amazing too. I noticed a difference in my skin and energy level. EZ whey protein is the next protein powder I’m going to try, it’s an Australian company.

When you go back to Australia what’s on your to do list?
The Ocean 100%. Bondi Beach.

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Do you have any indulgences?

Chocolate and peanut butter. Milo, which is a chocolate drink. Tim Tams, it’s a chocolate cookie you have with tea

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