“WHEN I WAS YOUNGER, I ATE FOODS THAT WOULD HELP ME STAY IN ‘MODEL SHAPE. NOW I SIMPLE EAT FOODS THAT MAKE MY BODY FEEL GOOD,” SAYS MODEL-TURNED-FITNESS AND HEALTHY LIFESTYLE GURU NATALIE UHLING. ” My body is actually a lot healthier and leaner now too. Funny how that works.” It’s this candor coupled with high power workouts and mega-babe vibes straight out of the Sports Illustrated that have made Uhling–who recently launched her own site NatalieUhlingFitness.com–a superstar in her industry earning her legions of fans on and offline. We caught up with the Uhling who talked her plant-based diet, the power of self-love and the face oil that’s pure magic.

Photos by Sasha Israel

How would you describe you approach to your own diet and well-being?
I would describe my diet as being in the whole foods mainly plant-based arena. I really try to eat as much real organic food as possible. I have always been really good about my diet because eating quality food makes me feel good.

How would you describe your approach towards fitness?
When do you feel the most physically strong? For me I am all about body-weight training. I feel the best when I am in control of my body and don’t feel stressed by any machines. I love band work and I am a huge fan of the Pilates reformer but for me using my own body is where I feel best. NUFit is centered on that. I want my clients to feel strong without having to depend on anyone or anyone thing.

Takes us through a day in the life of meals.
I start my day off with a big glass of water and take my probiotic. I’ve been doing this for years and honestly it is just automatic at this point. I try to chill the “F” out in the am for a hot second but it’s hard because I run a business and I have a lot of responsibilities. Coffee is my favorite thing on earth so I love sitting at my computer and reading the news first thing. My office has huge windows so I get to chill and relax before I have to get going. For breakfast, I have my morning smoothie, which is made up of tons of antioxidant foods, vegan protein, green powder, avocado, maca powder and a dusting of bee pollen on top. This really helps get my day started and I feel super energized after I drink it. For lunch I typically eat a salad with nuts, brown rice and avocado. I eat tons of avocados! For dinner it varies, but I love fish and halibut season is right now so I have been making so many amazing halibut dishes with veggies and salads. After dinner I always have a bite of Theo organic dark chocolate in sea salt. It’s delicious and is filled with antioxidant properties.

Do you have a daily health practice that you adhere to?
Yes! I actually talk to myself in the shower. I know that sounds creepy but I send love and light into my body and really try to focus on that. I also have couple special “keep me safe” items on my desk that I leave out that help me feel grounded and protected. I am also super into acupuncture and see a very special woman every week. I swear she has magic powers. I love going there because I get to chill out for an hour or so. It’s one of my favorite parts of my week.

What are your favorite self-care rituals?
Super intense deep tissue messages, acupuncture, facials and reflexology! People forget how important the feet are! Our feet are the brain to our body and we need to remember to take care of them. I also like lying with my crystals on my chest. I try to do this after they have been charged after a full moon. That way I am soaking up all that good energy.

What are your top 3 favorite natural products in your beauty cabinet for hair and skin?
1. All of Indie Lee’s products

2. Jesse Golden Face Oil

3. Josh Rosebrook Nutrient SPF 

What is your favorite most nourishing meal to make yourself?
Black bean pasta with homemade red sauce and veggies. Yum!

Do you take any supplements?
Yes, I take probiotics, calcium, fish oil and D3. I get them all from Garden of Life. My favorite brand on the market, their brand has no fillers.

When it comes to keeping grounded and calm, do you follow a meditation practice?
Meditation is super hard for me. I am a very high-energy person and that is one area I am really working on this year. I am working on chilling the “F” out. I am a control freak so it’s very hard to step away from things and let others help me. I recently hired two amazing girls this year and it has been a life-changer for me. I love them to death and they are my rocks.

What are your top 3 favoritea thletic brands?
Right now I am crushing BELOFORT and Mika Yogawear.

When you want to “detox”, what are some go-to tricks that you always resort to?
Detox for me means to chill out and have fun with my friends and family. I also love hiking and taking walks and going to the dog park. We are in the progress of getting a dog now so can’t wait. I am a huge animal lover. I work 24/7 so having a “detox” day would be just having time to chill.