WE HAVE A GIRL CRUSH and her name is Loni Jane Anthony. About a year ago while trolling through Instagram as we often do, we discovered a little (read: 240K followers and counting) account called @lonijane. We were smitten. Just one glance at the Australian model/blogger’s colorful feed of fruit salad bowls, caramel-tanned limbs and Alexander Wang jerseys made clear that we were social media soul sisters. Who else can down a gallon of watermelon juice or a pail of roasted potatoes in one sitting and not think twice? Below, we caught up with the self-avowed fruitarian/vegan who discussed her sometimes controversial approach to diet (read: carbs are NOT evil), what she eats everyday and how newfound motherhood has changed her favorite activity—bathtime.

How would you describe your approach to diet?
My philosophy is a plant based (vegan) high carbohydrate, low fat, low sodium ‘lifestyle’. I try not to use the word ‘diet’ because it sounds temporary and this way of eating is for life!

How has living a mainly fruit/vegan-based diet improved your health, and let’s be honest, your life aesthetically? 
It has changed my whole life for the better from every single angle. I am now thriving in health. I have fruits and veggies to thank for curing all my ill health problems, being able to create a beautiful vibrant family including a 100% vegan baby. And now I have a consistently lean body all year round without ever having to deprive myself or over train. My body is now balanced and I have a much stronger intuition to understand what I need. I used to have a constant cloud/fog over my head and now I have clarity and I see everything for what it truly is. I am great-full for all that this earth has to offer and I respect it like anyone should respect their mother.









Take us through a day in the life when it comes to meals and routines. What do you do from wake to bedtime?

Well, life has changed since having a bub but I still put myself on the list of top priorities because my health and vibrancy equals my family’s as well. I need to always make sure I have enough hydration and nutrition daily, to keep active and to get enough sleep because I now always need high energy to raise a child and manage the rest of my life, also to let my body produce nutritionally dense milk for the little one and let’s be honest you can’t do that with a body that is stressed, malnourished and exhausted. So when I wake up I drink water 500ml-1 ltr and take a spoonful of black strap molasses. I get dressed while Rowdy plays and then make a smoothie or a juice, which is super quick to do then I will usually drink it while I feed him. Lunchtime while he usually takes a nap, I prepare a big raw salad, smoothie/bowl or a fruity meal and try to sit out in the sun and eat it while deep breathing. More playtime and feeding with Rowdy (we might go for a walk or something) and I will try get to emails and business stuff while he sleeps. Then it’s dinner time! I like to eat dinner around 4pm cause it gives me enough time to have my food digested before bed to let my body use the over night energy to heal my body and produce milk. (Instead of trying to digest food) . Dinner will usually be a big salad along with a rice, potatoes or pasta creation (rice or corn pasta) or if I’m eating raw I will have a smoothie or smoothie bowl or a large raw salad. I also have a water bottle with me at all times to stay hydrated! 

I’ll take Rowdy in the bath with me a few like twice a week (other nights he has a shower with dad) and I sit him in his clip in mesh chair and it allows me to relax in the bath with him and I put a clay face mask on and coconut oil in my hair and sing to him. Then it’s bed time for him around 6pm. Once he is in bed I do a quick clean up of the house and put any washing on, get a few things ready for tomorrow then I’m off to bed around 8pm.

Has being a new mom changed or enhanced your approach to your diet? 
The only thing have adjusted is eating more cooked food at dinner and adding more fats in like hemp, coconut, chia and avocado.








What is your guilty indulgence, do you ever cheat? 

Someone asked me this the other week and I couldn’t think of anything, hey? This lifestyle has gotten rid of those controlling cravings I used to have, which is awesome. But maybe my indulgence is going to vegan cafes/restaurants with friends and family once in a while and eating some gourmet vegan food! Like vegan nachos and pizzas. Yummmm.

Do you have a fitness regimen? If so, what are your favorite workouts? 
At the moment, I don’t cause I have a baby attached to me but I will be getting back into Bikram yoga soon and maybe a few group classes at the gym. I just like to keep my lifestyle active like walking daily, taking the stairs anywhere you are and swimming. And carrying a child 24/7 is a great workout too!

We love your personal style, do you have favorite Aussie designers you love?
Thank you, yes I certainly do! I love Dion Lee, First Base, Josh Goot, Maurie and Evelilya, to name a few and I love love love vintage and thrift clothing. And many will know how much Alexander Wang stuff I have. 😉

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How would you describe your skincare regimen in the morning and night, including the products that you use?

Skin care is so so simple these days I would have to say my best beauty essential is coconut oil, an exfoliating puff sponge and a dry skin brush. I literally use coconut oil for everything! My face, body, hair and mouth. I get up up in the morning and wash my face with cold water and pat dry then spray on a hydrating mist (I make myself) it’s a combo of floral waters and other healing ingredients and let that dry. Then I apply either coconut or Vegesorb. If I’m wearing makeup that day I choose a mineral makeup by Bare Minerals ‘well rested concealer powder‘ and their bronzer and that’s it. I am obsessed with brows so I must brush and gel my brows with Anastasia brow kit.  And then I apply another spray of my hydrating mist to set the powder and add a dewy glow to my skin. During the day I just spray the mist when needed also to give me a bit of a hydro boost.

At night before I get in the shower I rub in coconut oil onto my face and let it soak till I jump in the shower then I rinse it off and apply more and use a gentle exfoliating puff sponge to cleanse the makeup and dead skin off (your skin feels amazing after this!) And to moisturize I do the same as the morning. I do a face mask around twice a week  which will be a mix of bentonite clay and I also like ‘glamglow‘ youth mud. I used to dry brush daily every morning before bub was here but sometimes getting it in every day can be tricky but I still try to. I do it whenever I have a spare five mins.

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What are your favorite methods of self care (massage, acupuncture, baths) and how often do you do them? 

Salt baths, saunas (infrared is best) and dry skin brushing before baths or exercise to maximize healing. Baths I would have daily if I could! You can never have to many baths. And my most recommended daily self care would be healthy eating.

What is the best natural beauty tip you adhere to? 
Hydration inside and out!

What is the biggest misconception on living on a high fruit/mostly vegan diet? 
That fruit makes you fat! Sooooo not true. And that this lifestyle is expensive, when I now spend less on processed foods/snacks/alcohol and crappy products. I also used to spend so much money buying skin products all the time and getting expensive treatments done, which never worked. Nothing you apply on this outside will ever work if your inner health is poor.