IT MAY HAVE TAKEN SOME TIME FOR US TO WARM TO THE IDEA OF “FACE” OIL, but for Linda Rodin, founder of the wildly popular Olio Lusso Rodin face oil, the concept has been a long time beauty secret. ” I remember trying rose hip seed oil 20 years ago and then Argan oil in Morocco. It never scared me to use oil on my face,” the stylist and sometimes J.Crew model admits in her jewel box Chelsea apartment. Scouring health food stores and beauty emporiums for nourishing tonics such as neroli and jasmine, she experimented mixing oils simply out of personal necessity. “I made the face oil for myself and just continued making what I needed,” Rodin explains as her beloved poodle Winky dozes at her side. Since launching a few years ago, her line’s offerings have expanded to body oil, perfume, soap, lip balm and hair oil created with famed coiffeur Bob Recine. (Face wash and lipstick are in the pipeline for 2015.) With a burgeoning beauty company, modeling gigs for brands such as The Row and Karen Walker and her continued success as one of the most sought after stylists for clients such as Victoria’s Secret, Rodin shows no signs of slowing down. She credits her diet, loads of sleep and sticking to her routine for keeping her energetic and balanced. Below, bonberi takes peek into the world of Rodin.

How would you describe your food philosophy?
I like to make my own meals and I eat the same thing regularly.  I like to eat wholesome and organic foods. I shop at the green market for almost everything : organic lettuce, tomatoes, mushrooms, and honey. And I love the market at Integral Yoga for avocados. I get the most delicious and fresh eggs from Westwind Orchard,. they are friends of mine and they deliver!  I’m an egg addict. I also eat roast chicken or turkey and salmon, anything simple. I love meat even though I didn’t eat it for 40 years.

What made you start eating meat again?
I got vertigo and my acupuncturist and he told me I had to eat meat for my health. I asked him:  ‘If you were me,  would you eat it?’ He said, ‘If I were in your condition I would.’ So I eat red meat once a month. I eat turkey and fish more often. I try to be as healthy as I can. I buy organic wine but I’m not a nut. If I go out to dinner, I don’t ask a million questions of where something grew or where it came from, I hate that.

You mentioned your an egg fanatic, how do you prepare them?
I love hard-boiled eggs and soft-boiled eggs. I’ve never met an egg I don’t like. Also, I eat the whole egg; the yolk is my favorite part.

Much of your inspiration for Rodin and Olio Lusso comes from Italy, what is it about Italian culture that drew you in?
When I was 18, I moved there. I lived there for three years so I speak Italian and adore the culture. .i went for the first time because my boyfriend at the time invited me to join him there me the summer. I had never been anywhere in my life so I went to learn on the best adventure of my life. My affinity for Italy has grown since then. I’m an Italo-phile for sure.

What are some of the principles you followed when creating your line? 

It was a selfish endeavor. I made the face oil for myself and I just continued making products I needed and wanted.  From the body oil to the candle and the perfume — it’s all very personal, things I wanted for myself.

What is it about the jasmine and neroli that attracts you so much?
Neroli is very Italian. I’ve always found Jasmine to be intoxicating. All of my products are that same jasmine and neroli base except for the hair oil collaboration with Bob Recine.
How did you discover oil as a moisturizer? I’ve traveled a lot and I always loved collecting little bottles of oils and potions. I remember trying rose hip seed oil 20 years ago and then Argan oil in Morocco. It never scared me to use oil on my face. When I was growing up, I used soap and water. I didn’t use a moisturizing product until I was 45, because it just didn’t occur to me.

Are there any beauty trends that you follow?
I’ve never been into trends. I think the biggest trend and the scariest of all is Botox. That’s something I’ve never followed. I tried Restylane  and it was very well done and for about a year it was fun, but one day I looked in the mirror and thought, ‘I don’t want to do this anymore.’ I hate my wrinkles but I think the alternative is worse.

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Are there any natural methods you think benefit the skin that you’ve incorporated into your life? Eating well and sleeping. I sleep as much as time allows. But aside from that I think anything in moderation is OK. Well, smoking is definitely out. Also, I think not wearing a lot of makeup is a good thing for my skin and my age. I wear lipstick but that’s it.

What color do you wear?
The one I’m wearing now is about five different colors blended together. I’m in the process of making my own lipsticks. A hot pink and a hot orange — the only two shades I wear.

Has your approach to beauty changed as you’ve gotten older?
The only time I wore makeup was when I was 18 and lived in Italy. I would wear heavy eye makeup and Twiggy lashes I painted on the bottom. Then when I was 30, I wore white matte  powder and blue red lipstick with a little 1930s pouty mouth and 1920s wavy “bob” hairdo. That look lasted about a year. I haven’t worn makeup since and I don’t dye my hair . It’s not to be ‘au natural’ or ‘hippie dippy,’ it just never seemed that important to me.

Twiggy was an icon then, is there someone in present day you admire?
I work with a lot of models whose style I admire. They are all adorable. Now it’s about the cool girls, it’s so different.

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Do you notice any trends with the girls you work with as far as their health and wellness?

They are all really healthy and they work out, which no one did before. They take good care of their skin and  they wear SPF.  We didn’t do that. We were sun worshipers.
Do you dabble with the juicing trend that’s all the rage? If someone is making it for me, I love it! but I never make it at home because it’s too much work. But I do love green juice. I like savory, not sweet fruity juices. I usually love  juices made with kale, celery, ginger and lemon — heavy on the celery.  I like it to be salty.

Did you go through any trends with diet?
When I was 25, I met people that were fasting and I thought, ‘Oh I’ll try that.’ I got to the first night, and that was it. It was a thing then too but I couldn’t do it. I love to eat and I love to chew. I couldn’t do a liquid diet.

What does a typical day look like?
I try to do a lot every day and be as efficient as possible.  I wake up in the morning and walk to Golden Crepe to get my cappuccino. I walk Winky and then head home to do what I can from there or head out to a studio or my office. I try to be home by 5pm. I like to stop at the local wine bar, Bar B, which just opened. When I get  home, I eat dinner. I’m not a big lunch person because I eat  dinner so early; I’m kind of a nut about it. I feel best when I stick to my schedule. You couldn’t pay me to go out at 8pm for a dinner. It’s just too late and then I have a hard time falling  asleep, I’ve always been this way.

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What is your beauty routine in the morning and evening?

In the evening I use my cleanser, which is coming out soon. I cleanse my skin in the bathtub. (I take a bath every night for relaxation) it’s a powder cleanser. I pat myself dry, put my Face and Body Oil on and go to sleep.   Then in the morning I rinse my face with warm water, pat my skin to semi dry and put on my Face Oil.

Do you wear SPF during the day?
I wear sunblock, even though I don’t like it. I’ve tied them all, I’m using Shiseido now. I was a huge sunbather. I love the beach and I ruined my skin lying in the there for hours. That’s why I have all these wrinkles! I was so tan it was crazy, but everyone was back then. We wore Bain du Soleil, no SPF. We thought being tan was the greatest thing in history. I regret it now, but I wouldn’t change it.  I still adore the beach but am slathered in sunblock and wear a big hat!

Do you do any exercise?
No. I tried three times and I hurt my back every time. I did Lotte Berk, and aquatic aerobics.  Now I walk at least 45 minutes a day but not strictly as exercise, it’s just part of my day

How would you describe your personal style?
I just try to wear things I think look good on me. I don’t want to wear something because it’s on trend.

What designers do you love?
Miu Miu, Prada, mm6, ACNE, Celine.

Have you always worn red nails?
This is my favorite color now: a bright geranium orange. . Right now I love this shade  or no color at all.

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What is your non negotiable?

Sleeping 9 hours a night and my early dinner.

Do you have a favorite indulgence?
I love salty things. Smoked salmon, caviar and potato chips.

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