This recipe relies on whatever is fresh. I like to serve it with plenty of bright cocktails to people you love.


  1. Start with thinly sliced fish. (My husband caught fluke but black sea bass, hamachi, cod, halibut or even scallops will work.)
  2. Add whichever fruits and veggies from the farmer’s market that you love most. Consider some sweet, some sour. (We used nectarines, blackberries, tomatoes and limes from our lime tree.).
  3.  Add roughly chopped herbs. (We used mint but basil or cilantro or even verbena could work.)
  4. Add spice. (We used red onion and thinly sliced jalapeños.)
  5. Add enough acid (we used more lime) to coat but not drench the fish.
  6. Drizzle with plenty of good quality olive oil. Add salt. (You can get fancy here: we used Amagansett Sea Salt because it’s local and delish but smoked salt or lemon salt would be great too.)
  7. Leave in fridge for half an hour to marinate and get crisp. Eat immediately.