Photo by Kerri Brewer

WE’VE BEEN THERE BEFORE. You’re trolling Instagram and suddenly the perfect buddha bowl appears. Vibrant, fresh and seemingly too flawless to ever try and create at home. Fret not. We’ve broken down how to assemble your own 300-liked masterpiece of your own that would make any vegan blogger proud. Read on.

1. Color

Make your Buddha bowl pretty! Mimic the rainbow. Include carrots, beets, avocado, zucchini, purple cabbage and black same seeds. The more vibrant the better.

2. Crunch

Mixing raw and cooked veg not only ensures you have the alkalinity and enzymes to boost your digestion, it also satisfies that crunchy craving. Try using shaved carrots or a bed of shaved romaine as your base.

3. Texture

A little knife work goes a long way. Steam and chop beets, julienne carrots, roast your sweet potato, thinly slice avocado. We crave texture and variety. The last thing you want is a bowl of macrobiotic mush.

4. Fermentation

We love a grain bowl but the mistake many make is not incorporating raw or fermented veggies so that grain bowl becomes a starch bomb. Adding kimchi, pickled peppers, pickles or sauerkraut will ensure better digestion and heal your gut at the same time. Plus it adds a sour spicy kick.

5. Umami

Pick veggies and ingredients like toasted nori, Japanese sweet potato and tamari and toasted sesame oil in your dressing