1 can of crushed tomatoes

1 can of unsweetened, organic coconut milk (full fat)

2 cloves garlic, smashes and chopped

2 Spanish onions, peeled and sliced

1-inch knob ginger, grated

1 large red bell pepper, de-seeded and roughly chopped

1 tablespoon of avocado or coconut oil

sea salt to taste

Optional: fresh cilantro

In a large pot, heat oil. Add garlic, ginger and onion. Bring heat to medium low and saute until onions begin to soften but not fully brown. Add bell pepper and crushed tomatoes, bring to a boil then simmer for 10-15 minutes until bell pepper softens. Remove from heat. In batches, blend soup in a high-speed blender until creamy. Transfer creamed soup back to pot. Add 1 can of coconut oil and stir until fully mixed. Season with sea salt. Serve hot with extra coconut cream drizzled on top or chopped fresh cilantro.