Welcome to the Bonberi Body Love Digital Course. This course aims to break down those blocks we have put up in our relationship to our body and rebuild our relationship with ourselves and by default, food. I personally used these steps in my own recovery and found after consistent application, I was able to overcome my past issues and reignite the love of my self, body and food. Read on to learn what is included in this course…

In this four week comprehensive digital course on intuitive eating, readers will:
-Release old wounds when it comes to emotional eating
-Tap into your intuition and rediscover how to naturally nourish your body
-Relearn cues that help prevent overeating and binging 
-Change your energetic vibration to call in the most healthy and vibrant body you were born to have 
-Learn which foods will promote energy, weight loss and vitality and in what combination they work best
The Body Love Course Includes:
1. Step-By-Step Weekly Writing Assignments and Exercises 
2. Weekly Guided Meditations and Positive Affirmations
3. Comprehensive Food-Combining Chart 
4. A Daily Blueprint of Meals From Wake To Bedtime

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