By Vanessa Packer

INSIDE THE SERENE SPACE where Aleta St. James conducts her energy healing and motivational work, we find ourselves sitting atop a bed beside a crystal healing bed with multicolored blinking lights as we begin our interview with the former show business star turned healing guru. According to Ms. St. James, since we are all energy in pure form, we vibrate at different levels depending on our mood and our life traumas. Here, the author of Life Shift: Let Go and Live Your Dream  spoke with Bonberi about everything from vibrating at a level to attract what you want to giving birth to twins at 57.

You’ve been practicing for a long time, why did you decide to write Life Shift?
I wanted to show people how to transform their own lives with practical spirituality. I believe in constantly regenerating to let go of negative thinking, limited perceptions and coming from a higher level of how you want to live your life.

What about positive affirmations? Do they help?
So often people won’t be dealing with the subconscious and their emotional wounds. It’s like putting a coat of paint on oil. It looks good in the moment but the oil starts coming through because what’s there is a deep seated belief system. It will say, ‘I’ve been rejected, so I’m not good enough.’ We get stuck in a trauma that happened when we were abandoned, when we were fat, father died, divorced parents, even abuse. What you want to do is say, ‘Ok this was really difficult, I don’t want to pretend it didn’t exist but I want to process and release it.’ You don’t want to stay in that pain or hold resentment of the past. That’s what energy healing work is all about, lifting out of the emotional body and into higher levels.

“Regret is one of the strongest downers that block us in our life. We get stuck in it and we don’t create.”

But how do you release that negative energy?
There is the physical, the emotional, the mental and the spiritual body that we all need to address. The physical and the emotional are the deepest. I deal a lot with the people who cleanse like juicing and blending so that they are getting the toxins out of their physical cells that are vibrating to a lower frequency energy. If you are feeding garbage and junk into your body and not cleaning it out, it’s not going to be good. There is so much pollution in this world today, it’s not like it used to be when we lived on the farm. You have to work to have everything at a higher level.

How would you describe your typical client?
I work with a lot of performers because I understand the creative artist and how to support them. Everyone is the same, but they deal with circumstances that are on a very exaggerated level, so I teach them the tools. Anybody that has a creative spiritual energy seems to seek me out and I work with them. Somebody who just wants to make money? No.

What can someone expect from one of your sessions?
When someone comes into a private session with me, I’ll read their chakras and seven energy centers in the body. Also their right side, which deals with the yang energy and left yin side, which is receptive energy. It comes out like a grid and I see energetically where the blocks are. I’ll say, ‘Ok what happened at age six. Where were you?’ They’ll say, ‘We moved, parents got a divorce.’ We talk about the area of concern, then I do a healing on it. I place my hands on the area of the body that is holding, I have them breathe, go back into to the trauma, and release it. I bring in the positive healing energy spirit and you start to vibrate. You have to clear the energy to leave an open space, shift it and then create something new.

“When they say money comes to money, that is because people were vibrating at that level. They don’t have a limitation to it. Even if they lose it they feel as though they are entitled to it, so they create it again. ”

Can you manifest what you want through energy work?
Whether it’s having children in your 40s, working on your relationship, want more financial flow, we create that. I’m able to take the energy available and have my clients use their intention to create it. It’s about taking away the blocks, opening up the space and vibrating to that level as if it has already happened. When they say money comes to money, that is because people were vibrating at that level. They don’t have a limitation to it. Even if they lose it they feel as though they are entitled to it, so they create it again.

So how does attracting what you want work?
Let’s just say on a scale from 1-10, fear is a very low vibrational grade, it’s stuck in the lower chakras. The imprints from childhood get stuck in your lower chakras. Love vibrates at a ten. When you vibrate at a higher frequency, it goes faster. Some say there are only two real feelings, love and fear. You want to move out and transform the fear and move it into the love.

How do you move into the love?
The key is love of self, which as human beings, is the hardest thing for us to do. To buy yourself things, like a manicure, that’s not loving yourself. That’s called self care. It’s better than not doing it, but the idea is, what do you really feel about yourself in terms of self-esteem? There are some people that all they do is hang out in the beauty parlor, it doesn’t mean they love themselves. Most likely they are insecure and feel as though they have to constantly get the facelift to make up for it. Self love is really unconditionally accepting yourself and loving the essence of who you are without saying ‘I can’t love myself unless I’m tremendously successful.’

What was it like having children later in life?
I’m a Type A personality and I used to think, “I don’t deserve love until I achieve a certain amount of success.” But it’s never good enough, because the next thing is, ‘I have to be married or have to have a certain amount of income.’ It’s not about the have to’s. It’s about if you didn’t have anything what do you feel about yourself. When you start to release the guilt. That’s why I had my children at a later date. I didn’t want to live in regret. Regret is one of the strongest downers that block us in our life. We get stuck in it and we don’t create.

“All the cells and organs in the body actually have the imprint of the emotional trauma. It’s not just the brain. ”

How does diet and exercise play into energy levels?
I believe in following blood type. Vegetarianism is not for everyone. I was macrobiotic when I was in Hair and I lived with this photographer who did all the cooking and we did everything to a tee. I couldn’t get energy. I’m an O blood type, I need protein. As soon as I got back into protein, the anemia went away and I got my energy back. In addition, you do want to go on a good cleanse so that the liver, gallbladder and intestines are working at high functioning levels. There is a book, Death Begins in the Colon. Even if you eliminate three times a day, when you go get a colonic, stuff still comes out because matter gets stuck on the walls. You want to make sure your colon is clean, so you are not putting garbage into your system. You want to do blended juices, regular juicing, lots of vegetables. Lately, I’m doing more of a cleanse, so I’ll do beets, grapefruit and cayenne pepper.

As far as self care, are there tricks that you love and depend on?
Baths are really important and meditation. Getting on a great diet, finding what’s best for you. Thorne  supplements are great. I work with nutritionist Oz Garcia and I see Tracy Piper at The Piper Center  for colonics. She’s amazing. 

You talk about cellular change, what does it mean to actually create change in the cells?
Candace Pert wrote Molecules of Emotion. What she found through her experimentation is that all the cells and organs in the body actually have the imprint of the emotional trauma. It’s not just the brain. So the toxins in the cells are vibrating to that. You want to physically release the toxins but with healing energy. You are helping clients vibrate like a baby would if the baby didn’t have toxicity. That’s why I’m able to sleep four to five hours a night and I don’t feel tired. I’m 65 years old, and I keep going. I should be retiring now. It’s ridiculous. But it’s about winding up, not down.

What are some of the most common blocks of energy that you see?
The throat center is the fifth chakra, which is about expressing yourself. Also, the root chakra, which asks if it is safe to be here. So many people go through birth trauma or feelings of not being loved. Women will come in because they want to get this film, that Oscar, they want to get married, they want to be a superstar.all the cells and organs in the body actually have the imprint of the emotional trauma. It’s not just the brain.  Men feel that they get their identity through work and women get their identity through relationships. People come because they want to manifest a bigger life. Whether it’s relationship, kids, finances, or careers. If there is a disconnection from self and your own source, you have to bring in your higher source and allow that to come through.

What about color therapy? Is there anything people can do with colors to help themselves?
Pink represents unconditionally love. Royal purple is higher will and abundance. Cobalt blue is letting go of fear. The colors help them, and I have meditations on that as well. It’s not just “think pink.” Through meditation, you want to move to the vibration to identify with it.

How can readers achieve an energy shift on their own?
I have three CDs that you can download called Chakra Balance. It’s drumming and active meditation. You can visualize what you want and lock it in. Then i have all intensive courses. Today I finished the fourth, it was called Spring into Greater Magic and Miracles by Awakening Your Heart Center. When I do these intensives, it’s about getting everyone to the next level, and the next level.

How do you increase your own vibration?
I go to Brazil to see Jon of God. There’s a healer from Croatia called Razah that I spent Labor Day with. Before the babies were born, I was working with shamans in Peru then I went to Southern India and visited fertility temples. I also listen to Joel Osteen  because he’s practical. The kids have to listen too and I say, ‘You see, don’t give up on yourself get back in the game!’